Go Helio & Julianne!!!

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So tomorrow night is the grand finale. My mom and I have been fighting about this all weekend. No, not really. But she wants Marie to win, or maybe possibly Helio, and I want Helio, Helio and Helio. In that order. No, not really; I’m just happy he’s made it to the finals. Okay, I say that now but on Tuesday night if he doesn’t get the championship I am going to be cursing all of America ๐Ÿ™‚ Look at this website, by the way! He’s not the greatest speller, but it has a cool design and there’s tons of stuff to get into, including some funny video footage of him being interviewed for Brazilian TV, and some Carnival dancers teaching Julianne Hough solo samba. Of course she picks it up in all of two seconds.

Anyway, it still blows my mind how popular this show is. My mom and I went out to dinner tonight (my last night in North Carolina; I fly back ludicrously early tomorrow morning) and the family next to us was talking on and on about it. They were Marie fans. There are a lot of them I’m realizing. An interesting thing about this show is the variety of age groups it appeals to — far wider, I think, than SYTYCD‘s demographic.

Anyway, I want Helio to win not just because he’s a little cute who melts me with that laugh, but because, of the three left, I think he’s struggled and improved the most throughout the show. The other two remaining contenders — Marie and Mel (of course I wanted Jennie to be in the finals, underdog champ-rooter am I!, but oh well) are professional performers — maybe not pro dancers of a sort, like Sabrina, but they’re singers. So, they already had a sense of rhythm, and knew how to dance at least enough to give their singing some spice. Helio’s a race-car driver, not even an athlete who uses his body so much, so this is so foreign to him. He’s come the farthest and he should win!

Okay, truth be told, I also like him because he reminds me of the favorite. He’s very favorite-esque, albeit half the favorite’s size. And he’s from Samba country! And he’s cute! And he melts me with his smile! So go Helio, go Julianne! Merde!

Also on tomorrow night, if you’re in the New York area, is the lighting of the Lincoln Center Christmas tree. The ceremonies, scheduled to begin at 5:00, include a book signing by New York City Ballet dancer Kyle Froman of his new, diary-like photo book, “In The Wings,” excerpts of NYCB’s Nutcracker, to be performed, according to Philip, by Megan Fairchild and Tom Gold, and some opera excerpts by the Met Opera. Should be a lot of fun. I was hoping to be there, though I also supposedly have a Samba class, and I’m getting up at 4 a.m. and am working all day, and I can’t miss the aforementioned finale; I have no idea how I’m going to do it all… Happy end of the holiday weekend!


  1. Good heavens, I think you need to clone yourself! I’m firmly in the Mel and Maks camp, but you make a good point about Helio. Him I love, Julianne, I’m getting more than a bit tired of. She’s really grating on my nerves this season. Hope you find a little time for some rest!

  2. I’m also hoping Mel will win, Maks is so incredibly hot ๐Ÿ™‚ Besides, guys have won the past few DWTS, it’s about time a lady wins.

  3. Honestly, I don’t care who wins as long as it’s not Marie! I hate her (always have, particularly, all the Osmonds in general). She should have gone home a long time ago and Jennie should have made it to the finals instead of her (can you tell I’m bitter about this?) I’ve been into the show since the end of Season 1 but really since season two because I’m a huge fan of Tony and have been fan of his for a long time. Did you see what Maks said the other day about Marie? It made me giggle

  4. oh and that’s another thing, People forget that a women won the first DWTS.

  5. Oh yeah, that’s right, Kelly Monaco was the first winner. No, I didn’t hear what Maks said about Marie — what did he say?!

  6. I can’t stand DWTS. Having established this, dance ability wise (and only from dance ability) Helio or Marie should win. I can’t stand Marie (as Katrina said above) so I guess this means I’m rooting for Helio. So, good luck with your super-voting lol.

  7. Selly Marie has no dance ability as a ballroom dancer whatsoever!

    Tonya: “Frankly, I think there are a lot of other people better than Marie.รขโ‚ฌย
    From: http://community.tvguide.com/blog-entry/TVGuide-News-Blog/Todays-News/Maks-Attacks-Says/800028126

  8. Based on dance performance alone, Mel should win hands down. If she doesn’t win, then I think it should go to Helio. But deep down, based on the popularity factor, I greatly fear that Marie (who should have been booted off the the show a long time ago) could win. You know – the sympathy factor (her father’s death, her son’s rehab), the memory factor (all those people who remember her as the cute female half of Donny and Marie), and the Red states factor (all those conservatives in the country who identify with Marie’s “moral” values – although just for the record, she is on the verge of her second divorce), and finally the Mormon factor (I expect a huge pro-Marie vote from the entire state of Utah). So again, I’m rootin for Mel first and Helio second, but I would not be shocked if Marie ends up the victor. I just hope that I’m wrong about that and the viewing audience does the right thing.

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