Yay! Big Huge Smile!!

I don’t know whether I’m more excited that my favorite won or that he’s this famous sports star and he’s so thrilled about winning a dance championship 😀 Dance is so on the cultural map!


  1. Agreed – this show has really brought dance to the forefront of peoples’ consciousness. I still thank that Mel is the better dancer (and I believe that the shows’s judges would agree with that) but in the end, from an audience perspective at least, Mel simply could not compete with Helio’s personality and enthusiasm – in a word, his charisma. Both Mel and Helio were terrific, so from my standpoint (even though I voted for Mel), what was more important than whether Mel or Helio won was that Marie did NOT win.

  2. While I don’t think Race car driving is a sport, I’m glad he won. I love Jules (Julianne) and glad that she’s finally getting some major recognition. Now we have to work on Derek. 🙂 Both have accomplished so much and they’re young. Did you know the following people were injured last night (or were sick):
    Jules had strep throat
    Maks hurt his back the week before and was still in a lot of pain (according to Tony he doesn’t like taking pain meds)
    Mark Ballas tore his Rotator cuff as he was dancing with Sabrina

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