Dance Times Square Showcase Review Up

My review of the Dance Times Square student / professional showcase is now up on Explore Dance. The first without Pasha & Anya. Sad indeed, but, still, a fun-filled night with a lot of great dancing that succeeded in its aim: to propel spectators to want to get up and Mambo, Swing, and Foxtrot the night away themselves.

I’ve spent the weekend sprinting like a madwoman back and forth between 44th Street, where the Small Press Book Fair happened, and City Center, where Alvin Ailey season is currently underway. Yesterday I saw a wonderful program including one of my favorite dances of all-time, “Revelations,” which everyone should see at least once in their lives, along with a cute new western-y piece, “Saddle Up!” and the very jazzy, even samba-y (yes, Alvin Ailey knew Samba very well!), “Night Creature,” a tribute to Duke Ellington. And tonight will be more of the same. Ailey is simple the best. I love this company so! I plan to blog about both performances at some point tomorrow, after a sure to be grueling morning oral argument in court. Grueling because the case law is contradictory and perplexing, and because I have an extremely formidable adversary who is known for eviscerating his opponents alive. I know, all lawyers are scary (except me 😀 ) but no, this one is worse worse worse! Help!


  1. Yay! I read your review, you did such a great job!! 🙂

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