Jennifer Alexander

This is so horribly sad. I had heard about this several-vehicle collision in New Jersey the other night on the news, and I had heard Jennifer‘s name mentioned and that she was a dancer with ABT, but for some reason I didn’t know she had actually died; I thought she was only injured. Her husband, Julio Bragado-Young, also with ABT was injured and is still, it appears, in critical condition at Hackensack University Medical Center. A man in another car was killed as well.

Jennifer, her husband, and two other dancers were returning home from guest-performing in a Nutcracker in Pennsylvania. In addition to dancing with ABT, when she came to NY in 1993 she danced in Broadway productions of The Red Shoes and Carousel. Speaking of “Center Stage,” she was featured in that movie as well.

You see someone onstage many times and you think you know them, but of course you don’t. I particularly remember her from The Green Table. She is in the yellow dress. So sad.


  1. ahh, sorry to hear the news…

  2. Last night when we all gathered to share our memories of Jenn, someone brought up her incredible performance dancing in “The Green Table.” Thank you for sharing your picture from curtain call. I’m tearing up just thinking about it. Her dance with David in the brothel was perhaps the most memorable of many wonderful performances I saw her give. I’m working on organizing something for the winger so there can be a place for everyone to send their condolences and grieve, but most importantly to celebrate her life.

  3. Oh that’s nice, Matt. I was going to suggest you cross-post your blog post about her in the Winger, but your idea to set something up like that is really good.

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