Pasha & Anya in Ballroom Spectacular and Danny and Rasta Do Nutz

A little note on a couple of my favorite SYTYCD stars’ upcoming gigs: Pasha and Anya will be performing in “Rhythm of Love,” at The Palace Theater in downtown Stamford, Connecticut, on December 21st and 22nd. I will definitely be going to this. The show is billed as “Ballroom meets Broadway” and will include both Latin and Standard ballroom as well as theater dance, and is narrative-driven, telling the story: boy meets girl, boy loses girl because he can’t dance to save his life, boy learns to dance and gets girl of his dreams. Aw, sounds cute! “Boy” by the way is played not by Pasha but by another dancer I’m familiar with, Benito (Benny) Garcia, who most definitely CAN dance (particularly a bad -ass mambo). Lead girl is danced by newcomer Emilee Petersen. In addition to Pasha & Anya, the show includes top American ballroom pros J.T. Thomas & Tomasz Mielnicki (Smooth champs), and Jose DeCamps and Joanna Zacharewicz (#1 in Rhythm), as well as the couple who took first in showdance last Nationals, Garry & Rita Gekhman, and another favorite couple of mine, Felipe & Carolina Telona.

(above photo of Gekhmans, and photo atop that of Telonas, both from the press release; top photo of Pasha & Anya — of course! — by moi 🙂 ). Go here for more info. Thanks again to Laurel for alerting me to this!

Second, Danny Tidwell is scheduled to perform in a San Diego Nutcracker from December 21-23. Performing with him will be… eeeeeee, the wondrous Rasta Thomas! How jealous am I of you San Diegans!!! Sadly, I won’t be able to attend, as I live on the opposite coast, but anyone who does, please do let me know how it goes! Go here for info on that. Thank you to Rebecca for emailing me about this!


  1. SQUEEE! That’s it! I’m making Tim take me to see Danny…thanks for the heads up. If you could get out here, I have a couch for you if you want to go….

  2. such a RANDOM place for Danny & Rasta to perform! This isn’t even San Diego…this is North San Diego county…very odd! Can you imagine, orchestra seats for $42…that’s amazing. We paid much more for our orchestra seats to watch Danny in the abt corps 🙂

    I used to go to the Civic Ballet performances in San Diego when I went to UCSD…but never heard about this production. Too bad you can’t go Tonya…would love to hear a review!

  3. Gasp! Pasha and Felipe on the same stage! Now I’m really dying to go!!

  4. Aw, thanks Sharon, so sweet! I can’t wait to hear what you think about it! Jennifer, I know, I was agog over those ticket prices! Parker — I’m going on opening night; go with me!

  5. Shoot – I work Friday nights! I could only go up on Saturday.

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