Dinner and a Dance Performance While Blindfolded?

As all the restaurants in my neighborhood post their posh New Year’s Eve menus in their windows, I, currently planless, as I seem to be every year until just about the night before, am forced to wonder again, “uh, what am I gonna do this year?” Here’s something intriguing that I found on Gothamist. It’s a five-course dinner at West Village French bistro Camaje, with various performances scattered throughout the evening. Hook is that all guests are blindfolded the whole time. Waiters and aids of choreographer / performance artist, Dana Salisbury, who puts on the show, guide you to your fork, wine glass, and to the restroom if your raise your hand. I actually wouldn’t be all that scared of trying new food, but how would you cut it — I guess things come in bite-sized portions, or do the hosts decide how much each patron can fit into their mouths? Perhaps ridiculously, this is honestly a problem for me — I have an extremely small mouth and an ever so slight disorder that crops up from time to time, usually when least expected. Anyway, more quizzically (to me at least), how do you “see” the dance? Apparently you rely on your aural senses. In years past, the dancer has been a tapping man using his entire body as an instrument. Hmmm. Other aspects of this most audience participatory performance include artists blowing in your ear, running a feather down your neck, and the like. I don’t know if it’s for me but it sure sounds sensually stimulating!

On an unrelated note: for my fellow book lovers out there, The Millions has just published a most comprehensive best-of-the-year list compiled by its various well-reputed contributors. Click on each writer or blogger’s name and you’ll be directed to their recs, as they’re posted. I got the link from The Elegant Variation.


  1. As unique as it sounds that definitely does not sound like something appealing. I mean, total strangers blowing in your ear and touching you with feathers? Eeks! This is a thought I have all the time now that I’m at an experimental art school, but it’s like “I really appreciate your artistry and originality, but I don’t want to partake.”

  2. Hehe, Salmeen, my thoughts exactly. It sounds like something that some of my friends would definitely go for, but me … I think I’d be too weirded out to relax and enjoy!

  3. Yeah…no thanks. I consider myself a very open person but this is a little out there for my tastes. I would consider being blindfolded while eating if I was alone at home with my husband and he was feeding my chocolate dipped strawberries, but I’m just not into the idea of some stranger stroking me with a feather while I’m eating. Ack.

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