SYTYCD 2008 Audition Dates Announced

So, for anyone who hasn’t heard the breaking news of the past half hour, audition dates for the next season of SYTYCD have been announced. Since I’m lazy, I’ll just link to Maria!

I know several people around here who are thinking of trying out; looks like the nearest audition venue for them will be DC since there are none in NY. Which is fine — DC’s not so far away. Come on, come on, someone else I know go be on the show and do really really well so I can say I know more famous people 🙂 Just kidding; I just got back from Alvin Ailey and, as is usually the case when I’ve just returned from an evening of watching my favorite dancers, I am all giggles. Oh I love them so! Anyway, excellent luck to everyone I know … and don’t know … who’s shooting for the stars!


  1. Can’t wait for another season of this show! I got so hooked last summer, I don’t know how on Earth I missed the first seasons of it. For some reason, I thought it wouldn’t appeal to me because its not just ballroom. Because of this show, I learned a whole heck of a lot about what other forms of dance I enjoy. Thanks for the heads up!

  2. I know, I feel the same way, Sharon. The first couple of seasons I kind of watched on and off, whenever I happened to be home, without getting into it at all. It wasn’t until this season that my eyes were glued to the screen every week. And it wasn’t just because of Pasha and Anya, it’s because there were so many good people on, in every genre. I REALLY hope that trend continues!

  3. Oh yes! By the way, did you hear they are starting up DWTS again in March? The 17th is what the press I’ve read is quoting. If any of the pros from the tour are working the new season, they are once again getting no chance at downtime. I wonder how they keep going at it so hard with no chance to relax? Poor Alec and Edyta are never going to get a honeymoon.

  4. I heard they were starting up in March again too — likely because of the strikes. Which is more than fine with me; I don’t really watch the sitcoms. I know, it’s true, those poor dancers get no downtime, but I still can’t help but be overjoyed that the show is returning so soon 🙂

  5. I know what you mean. I’m beyond thrilled because there’s just nothing on right now, lol! However, burnout is going to set in at some point for these talented men and women. That’s just no good. I have fingers, toes, and any other parts that may help crossed that we get Louis Van Amstel and Brian Fortuna back this season, and I’d like to see them ask Elena Grinenko back with a celeb with some ability, too. I think poor Karina deserves a good partner again, too. She’s done more than enough penance with Billy Ray and then Floyd for her pouting at the end of season 3, don’t you think?

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