Am I on Serious Drugs?

Can someone please tell me there is no way in the universe this dancer is turning counterclockwise? I can’t for the life of me see her rotating anything but clockwise, and perhaps ridiculously, I have spent the last half hour staring at her. Every right-brained / left-brained test I have ever taken has indicated I am either slightly left or else “whole” — like this one, where I received a score of 10 — right in the middle.

I got the “dancer test” from Miss Tango In Her Eyes, who saw the woman rotating the same way I did. By the way, Miss Tango’s blog is the story of a Canadian woman who fell so in love with Argentina’s national dance, she decided to pack her bags and head down to B.A. for a few months to partake fully of the tango lifestyle. Several months ago, on a hunch, she decided not to board her returning flight to Vancouver. Five days later she met someone and fell in love. Their baby was just born. Awwww!!! I wish I could do something that right-brained…


  1. It doesn’t actually effectively sort left-/right- brainedness. 🙂 It’s just a clever animation.

    The easiest way to make her appear to rotate the opposite way is to focus on the shadow under her foot.

  2. Natalia, I still do that I can’t make her turn the other way…

    We had this discussion on one of my gymnastics blogs.. very interesting

  3. She turns counter-clockwise for me and I can’t make her turn the other way no matter how hard I try. It’s so bizarre.

  4. This is so funny. I asked several of my co-workers (all lawyers) and they could only see her rotating counterclockwise. I tried Natalia’s suggestion and still can’t see it at all. I wonder if it is really a right / left brained thing. Am I in the wrong profession?!…

  5. I tried it again and when the page opened up she was now going counter clockwise. How weird. Then I did a WHA!! and looked again and she was back to clockwise.

    Now I can force or to change direction with some effort! But to make her change directions is VERY difficult because it defies the way some could move ie change direction. So you have to force your mind to see the leg in front or back depending on which direction you want her to spin.

  6. I’m seeing clockwise. I see absolutely no way it could be counter clockwise. Even refreshing the page or looking at the foot shadow.

  7. I can only see clockwise, too. But I am highly distracted by the animated nipples – was THAT really necessary?

  8. It takes some effort for me to make her switch direction, but what I do, is not just look at the shadow, but kind-of stare at the shadow until I can make it go the other direction in my head, then she’ll follow whatever I see the shadow as doing. The key is that you have to tell yourself that when you interpret the toes coming around the front, that they are instead coming around the back.

  9. I thought the same thing, Parker!

    The only way I can see her go counter is to take my cursor and jiggle the screen up and down for a while. Eventually I start to see her turn to the left, but only for a few seconds; then she reverses back to the right again. I don’t know what it measures, but it is interesting how some people see the rotation differently and have really to concentrate to see it the other way.

  10. The whole idea behind it is probably based upon perspective according to my friend

    If you looked at her head to toe, she turns anticlockwise — you can do this by kind of looking at her in a bird’s eye view

    If you look at her toe to head, she turns clockwise

    Basically your perspective shifts — problem the arm has to do with it. I’m thinking if you’re right brained like me, you look more on how the arm follows the leg. I’m not sure about the other way, sorry to say.

  11. The whole thing is bogus. All you have to do is imagine turning by picturing your own body using the outside leg as your reference. I stared at that thing for several minutes, and she spins in both directions after a period of time has passed. Always use the direction of the outside leg/hip (point to your own simultaneously), and you see that the image changes turning leg and direction after about 1 min.

  12. ^^ I agree now. After watching fir about a minute, I see an obvious switch.

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