Glogg at Cafe Lalo

Glogg at cafe lalo

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Mmmm. Delicious on a cold winter day. This restaurant is always insanely packed, owing largely to the movie “You’ve Got Mail.” I’ve never much cared for their main courses or even their desserts (most of which I find too sickeningly rich). But their specialty is definitely their cocktails, and this is their latest — mulled hot wine with a big cinnamon stick scrumptiously spicing it up. Worth the noisy crowd … once in a while at least. Also worth it to see cute Ariel all giddy about finally being in the place, being new to NY and a lover of that film 🙂 We’d tried to go over the summer, with the wonderful Mr. Terry Teachout, who very graciously met up with us to give us career advice, but the crowd was out the door and all over the sidewalk, so we went instead to his favorite place, the cleverly-titled Good Enough to Eat, around the corner.

I’ll just make this into a foodie post: I must take back what I said earlier about Magnolia Bakery‘s somewhat flavorless frosting. I recently had another mini-cake (okay, two) and the frosting was divine. Must just have been opening day jitters.


  1. Both look quite yummie Tonya!
    I can’t believe people wait in line to get in though…
    The other day I was out to have a cup of hot chocolate with a friend, and when we found both the coffee places near the university full, we actually just tried one of those famous Amsterdam ‘coffeeshops’… And found out that most other customers there were also just there to have a coffee! 😯

  2. Hi Gracia! I know, the wait-in-line thing I think is mainly because of all the tourists who want to eat at the places featured in movies and TV shows. Funny about the coffeeshops! I was in Amsterdam briefly when I was on study abroad in college, and, ridiculously, I never went into one! So, something to come back for 🙂

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