Don't Forget!

Tonight, Wednesday the 30th, America’s Ballroom Challenge begins. PBS 8 p.m.! Check here for local listings.

(image from ABC website)


  1. I want to watch but I can’t *whines* stupid having to work. I work till 7 pm and then get home and eat and then because higher education is so vauled in the US *please note the sarcasm… I mostly like going to school*, I have to do the work required 😉

  2. The smooth was uninspiring, I thought, especially the showdances, which were largely atrocious.

  3. Yes, I agree with Michele – the showdances were indeed largely atrocious (I thought this was a BALLROOM competition – what were they thinking?), but the three that were good were, I thought, VERY good. And I felt that the judges did a first-rate job in selecting the pairs that really deserved to win, in the group, showdance and overall competitions.

  4. Thanks for the thoughts, you guys. I’m getting my write-up up soon — just got very busy and behind. Katrina, sorry you had to miss it, but you missed my least favorite 🙂 Next week should be a lot of fun!

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