It's Very Loud in New York Right Now…

With helicopters and screams and wooo’s and honking horns… methinks I may not see any sleep tonight. I wonder what it’s like back home (where the game took place) … besides warm! Can’t complain though — it’s in the 50s here 😀 Anyway, congrats Giants fans!


  1. It was like that here in St Louis when the Cardinals won the World Series.

  2. man for some reasons like this, I like living in a small town with no big teams near…

  3. The only thing that rivals my passion for the ballet is the NY Football Giants. What a fabulous day – the marvelous”Double Feature” in the afternoon and the greatest upset in the history of the Super Bowl in the evening! As they used to say in the old beer commercial, “it doesn’t get any better than this!”

  4. I not only watched the commercials, I actually watched the game and was sooo happy the Giants won. Yeah for NY

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