Tonight's Rhythmic Showdown

I got so carried away with politics, I almost forgot to post about tonight! It should be a most fun evening on America’s Ballroom Challenge (PBS, 8pm EST), as this event — American Rhythm — is always a crowd favorite. Keep your eyes open for the always entertaining and hungry-for-a-win Emmanuel-Pierre Antoine and Julia Gorchakova,

their main competitors (and current US champs), Jose Decamps and Joanna Zacharewicz,

and the quieter, but lovely couple who always seem to get overlooked by spectators caught up in the relentless Pierre-Antoine / Decamps battle: Felipe Telona and Carolina Orlovsky-Telona.

Have fun!


  1. Ok, I’m stupid, but what exactly is the premise of “America’s Ballroom Challenge”?

  2. The only ballroom I ever get to see on television is ABC (I don’t watch DWTS, and SYTYCD doesn’t count-lol!). So, the last time I saw Joanna and Emmanuel was when they were partners. Are they big rivals now that they went their separate ways? Is it a fun rivalry or one with lot’s of dramz and bad blood (like Pasha Grishuk, Alexander Zhulin, Maya Usova, and Evgeny Platov in ice dancing)?

    Just curious. 🙂

  3. Hehe, Selly (I’m just laughing because of GWTW’s comment on the post below about reality shows 🙂 ) — it’s not a reality show, so there really isn’t a premise. It’s just a real American ballroom competition filmed live at the Ohio Star Ball in Columbus, OH last November. The only thing that’s not completely realistic is that they created the very final category “Best of the Best” for TV. The group dances shown at the beginning are what a real ballroom competition is about. There are also showdance competitions as well, but those competitions are not as important as the group dance ones. (Whoever wins the group dance is the National champ, World champ, etc.) What doesn’t exist in a real championship is the competition among the various categories — so there’s no best of the best; there’s just a Rhythm champ, a Latin champ, etc. And don’t worry — you’re definitely not “stupid”; it’s just that since this show’s on PBS and not as dramatic as the ones on network TV, it just doesn’t get the media attention and so very few people know anything about it…

    Reese, I LOVED Emmanuel and Joanna when they competed together! I was so disappointed when they broke up. I’m not sure exactly why they broke up, but I know they are big rivals now and there’s tons of drama!

  4. Tonya,

    OMG, I’m such a sucker for drama. I imagine people beating each other with their ballroom heels and sneaking rhinestones into their competitor’s victory cake. lol!

    I’ve been trying to find out why Emmanuel and Joanna broke up, but could never find anything about it other then it was mutual. I too was disappointed when they broke up, but not as devestated as the end of Max and Yulia. Max retiring hurt my soul. I loved their partnership. 🙁

  5. Tonya,

    I am going to watch the whole thing because of you and write my impression of ballroom dancing.

  6. First comment before the dancing.

    The costumes are beyond silly.. especially the females. They look like a cross between hookers and figure skaters and Christmas trees. Too much skin in my opinion. A ttuto shows plenty of skin for a dancer. I’m not a prude, But the outfits are vulgar.

    The bodies are absolutely stunning.

    The facial expressions look like they are plastered on. Extremely false, Mugging.

    The dancing seems so over done, no subtlety.. Looks like burlesque, follies bergiere on steroids mixed with Broadway .

    They are amazingly athletic with lots of control of their bodies, but it is not pretty, or beautiful.

    lots to go.

  7. Good thing I’m not a judge, I got it pretty much all wrong.

    Very energetic, frenetic and not my taste in movement. It all looks so cartoonlike to my eye. Gorgeous contestants, toned perfect bodies, precise movement and control… the dancing does nothing but leave me exhausted watching it.

    I dislike the costumes most and the hair the best.

  8. I didn’t agree with the results… I was very impressed with the last couple who went in the show dances (can’t remember names)…As well as the couple who danced to AC/DC 🙂 But I was not impressed with the couple who won… I thought they looked tired and slower then some of the other couples.

    I loved the little kids.. good grief, I wish I had access to ballroom when I was hear age

    I also loved Pasha.. That was awesome.

  9. Tonya, we fall in such opposing camps on this one! I am LOVING the quiet storm of Jose and Joanna and cringing everytime I see Emmanuel and Julia mug up my screen. I was so happy the Telonas placed above them (of course, I knew that already, but the reaction was neat to see).

    Man, I wish the showdances weren’t so … overt. Remember the heyday of Tony and Melanie (okay, different division, but you get my point)? They could melt the screen without being quasi-vulgar. Glad Jose and Joanna didn’t take that route. Fun, classy – what I want to see in a champion couple.

  10. Does anyone know the name of the cha cha group dance song? I love the music and can’t figure out what it was! Help!


  11. I used to take classes with Emmanuel some time ago, I liked him much better with Joanna, his new partner is an excellent dancer but their dance partnership is not a good one, they look odd together, he wanted a better dance partner and more centered but it seems he was not planning that Joanna and Jose will look much better on the dance floor. May be he will retire soon and go back to his navite home to look after his son.

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