Status Quo Nails Upside Down Soulja Boy!

Woo hoo — I love this group! Did you guys watch it? (MTV’s “America’s Best Dance Crew” of course!) They were given as their song the extremely popular YouTube hit, Soulja Boy, which began an internet dance craze, but their particular challenge was to do some of the steps upside down, which they nailed (or murdered, as Shane Sparks would say) with those insane handstands and upside-down lifts. And did you see the guy with the injured ankle doing those continuous flips over the guy they basically made into a human jump rope? And that ending crazy jump flip thing where he ended up in the crowd pretending to be all pissed, like he didn’t mean it? This group reminds me of those kids you see in the Times Square subway, or more often, at the Central Park fountain wowing the crowd. They’re so real and their dancing has such a story to it with thrilling but humorous theatrics and such a street feel and I just love them. Maybe also because they hail from Kirven’s hometown 🙂 Anyway, can America please stop putting them in the bottom??? I’m sick of this shit! They rock dammit! Stoppit!

Anyway, sorry I’m so late with my Ballroom Challenge post! This week has been insanely busy and I have tons to blog about — Movmnt magazine blogger party Monday night (which Taylor and Evan have already excellently covered), continuing legal ed seminar Tuesday (which, don’t worry, I won’t be blogging about, though it was one of the more interesting CLEs being on sex offense legislation), book party for a friend last night (which Ariel has already excellently covered, but I will blog about as well! — along with Movmnt party), and tonight an Op Ed writing seminar, for which I chose to try my hand at a gun control piece, and consequently have lovely homicide stats coming out of my nose… Anyway, I promise to write about ABC tomorrow!!! Thanks for all the comments on the last post, you guys 🙂


  1. Wow! Your week sounds insane, but in a positive way. Hope all is well, and you find some time for yourself this weekend. Take care.

  2. …upside down Soulja boy…?

  3. Awww Tonya, I think Status Quo did pretty great despite the circumstances.

    However I have to say that Jabbawockeez is FAR better in terms of execution and creativity. Their lean with it move was one thousand steps beyond a typical lean step — sooooooo clean! And how they dealt with the gravity challenge knocked me over with its creativity.

    Also, Jabbwockeez are a highly respected bboy crew in America that was even featured in Step Up 2! Surprised you’re not as dazzled as I am (but yet again, I’m just another starstruck bgirl)

  4. Thanks Sharon 🙂 It was so fun, Selly, did you see it? The whole thing wasn’t upside down, of course, but part! Yes, Tha, I liked Jabbawockeez a lot too — I realized how great they were when I watched the show again! They already have my Huffington Post piece up:

  5. See, the problem is that I’ve never seen this show nor do I know how it works. Must go find this video on YouTube now.

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