Status Quo is in the Finale!

EEEEE! The underdogs make it to the top. I am very very happy. They do have to spice it up though choreography-wise for next week. Their stunts / acrobatics / crazy funny shapes are always amazing, but they need to be a little more creative with the overall choreo / theme. I have no doubt they will be up to the task though 😀

I can’t believe JabbaWockeeZ is in the dance-off this week. First time for them. My prediction is that they will be dancing next week with SQ.

Okay, now that I just saw their performance, I am positive they will be in the finals next week. Query though: how DOES someone do those headspins that the guy did at the end? I am always amazed by those. I just don’t get how people do them! You couldn’t do that many pirouettes in a row on your toe, so how does one spin on the crown of one’s head like that? I love that he also pulled his elbows to his knees repeatedly to make a different kind of shape. That was new with the headspins (at least to me). Wow.

KabaModern had a cute routine, and I liked the ripping off of the girls’ sweats and the ‘groupies infatuated with the rock star’ thing (and I love JC claiming he remembers what that felt like), but I still think JabbaWockeeZ is just on a different level.

I knew it!

KabaModern seems completely okay with it though. “We just want to inspire. Others have inspired us and we just want to do the same.” Aw…

I wondered what they were going to do for the rest of the show. More dancing from the two finalists of course. Well, overall, I preferred SQ’s Jack-in-the-Box to JabbaWockeeZ’s The Red Pill. I love the big guy carrying what — three, four others, on his shoulders all at once. And the clown’s falling-down pants. The whole thing was a lot of fun from the choreo to the theme to the tricks and flamboyant costumes. Very over the top. The like to wow you; they have a great sense of humor. Of course I still love the spinner guy in JabbaWockeeZ, and I love their subtlety. I love the simulated musical instrument-playing, and the isolations. How starkly different these two groups are, right.

One thing they have in common though is how well they work together. Shane Sparks said JabbaWockeeZ was like a family, but so is Status Quo. You have to work well together both to do perfectly in sync isolations and multi-person lifts. So, I guess if there’s a “lesson” here, it’s togetherness and team spirit.


  1. Actually headspins are not too scary to a bboy or bgirl 🙂 Not saying I can do them yet haha! The hat Rainen (headspin guy) is wearing is usually padded so it’s more comfortable, and in the headspin you usually tense up your neck. to provide that stability. And the fact that the torso is a lower center of gravity helps too 🙂 headspins are actually much easier to learn than handspins (called 1990s in breaking); it’s just scary to get over the spinning looks like it’ll break the neck aspect of it.

    I still support Jabbawockeez — Status Quo is very entertaining and has some great tricks, and I think deserves to be in the final (Kaba was kind of getting weaker in the end for me).

    But, Jabbawockeez really are innovators in the bboying field and hopefully will cause a storm in the world of dancing. Isn’t that what America’s best dance crew is about? To find the best and who inspire others? Knowing all the breakers and hip hop lovers, EVERYONE talks about Jabbawockeez killer bboying style, or about Kaba modern’s crazy popping-inspired moves. Status Quo? They’re kind of….ambivalent, to say the least.

  2. I enjoyed all three dance crews but I feel Status Quo! It’s their raw energy and “go for broke” attitudes that appeals to me. I like the wildness of their moves and their pure joy at being able to compete on a national stage. They danced with their hearts and drew me in. I don’t expect them to mirror Kaba Modern and Jabbawockeez, my other favorites from the competition. Both were great at what they do but I thought KM outdanced Jabba. Jabba should have been called out for pumping up the crowd while one solo dancer head spinned. I felt bad that Kaba Modern had to follow them.

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