Oh No, Farewell Mr. Funnyman Steve

I’m so sad that Steve Guttenberg’s now gone. He made me laugh. I really did like him; he added so much personality and humor to the show. I really didn’t think it was going to be him. So, Adam’s still there and Steve’s gone. I do wonder if audiences are voting for pro dancers too — they love sweet Julianne, and maybe Anna not so much?

I am glad, though, that the judges didn’t have an effect on audience votes for Marissa. They made me so mad last night. I was blogging as the show was happening and I began typing about how it was the perfect routine for her, and had to stop and stare for a minute at the screen when the judges’ remarks began. I couldn’t believe how opposite they felt from me. Anyway, she was so happy tonight, and that was fun.

So, what did you guys think of Alvin Ailey??? I’m dying to know! Unbelievably, there was a tornado warning in New Jersey and they interrupted the show here right as they were on, to tell everyone how to batten down the hatches, so I only saw about half of the Ailey! I couldn’t believe it — ugh what timing! Who cares about New Jersey!!! Just kidding 🙂 But that was the end of “Revelations”, and they even changed some of it to fit it all into the small amount of time they had, so I’m not sure how much sense it made to people who’ve never seen it before…


  1. I really liked the performance of AA. It was unique but not modernly like I”ve normally seen from them so I liked it a lot better!

  2. I thought AA was awesome. Hubs, not so much. I have to show him some of your writings about the group! I am beyond ticked that Steve is gone and I have to watch that horse’s ass Adam dance another week!!!!!! Oh, and YES, he did say EXACTLY what you thought he said last night. I’m of that faith, and so far past offended that I can’t even see straight!!!!!

  3. Well, Adam had Julianne and Marissa had the audience sympathy vote (and in this case, deservedly so) so Steve was obviously the odd man out. I love Julianne but Adam is truly a world-class creep and it’s time he left. Hopefully, next week it will be his turn. As for the Alvin Ailey ensemble, they were terrific – it was just too bad that we lost the second half of their performance due to the network interrruption for the New Jersey tornado warning. To make up for that, DWTS should bring them back for a second performance.

  4. Marissa definitely has the Broadway vote; we are numerous in number! I definitely thought she was judged quite harshly by the judges, to think she scored lower than Adam!! Preposterous!

    Alvin Ailey’s performance (thankfully not interrupted on the West Coast) was such a testament to the brilliant choreography. In the midst of the flashy, sexy, glitz and glamour of ballroom dancing, to think that Revelations with its traditional spiritual music, dated costumes, and still amaze in the beauty of dance was breathtaking. Bravo, AA!

  5. I missed the April 1st show, but watched it (over and over) on the DWTS Web site on April 5. AADT were in Denver the day before, and I just could not get over Revelations (I had seen it once before live). Even though it was too short, I enjoyed it very much. And enjoyed seeing Clifton Brown again so much.

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