DWTS Week 4: A Balance-Less Viennese Waltz?

Well, perfect Paso Doble from Mark and Kristi — not only technically marvelous, but splendidly dramatic with some real creative spins as well. Good choreo for Mark. But why why why WHY can’t anyone dance to real Paso Doble music? Does anyone who doesn’t have background in ballroom understand this dance? I bet not. How can you when you don’t hear the real music? It’s a bullfight song. Has anyone heard of “Espana Cani” “Paso Royale”? I mean, come on, you guys. I’m starting to get really annoyed at the producers. At least these two had authentic costumes… Oh, I just realized there were no flamenco taps. I like those and I missed them.

Aw, pretty routine from Louis and Priscilla. Except, for some reason I couldn’t take my eyes off Louis, which is very weird, looking at the man, in Viennese Waltz, right??? I loved her use of her skirt. I do think she looked a bit stiff, didn’t flow as well as a waltz is supposed to. The footwork was right, but it looked like she was concentrating hard, like it wasn’t natural. Especially those turns in shadow position (where the guy is behind the lady, “shadowing” her; that’s where she was playing up the skirt). Viennese Waltz is fast and if you don’t have the footwork completely down, if you’re worried you’re going to trample your partner, it’s going to register on your face. I liked the swooning end, though.

I liked the flavor of Adam and Julianne’s Paso better than Mark and Kristi’s. I liked the fire in the background; I liked the costumes. And hello, real music!!!! The unicycle was corny. But the Zorro thing with the mask was pretty funny and worked well for him. Adam’s a pretty decent dancer. I thought at one point, he was going to stomp on her feet, but he didn’t do any wrong footwork, and there was a point where he had a couple of turns to do, and he looked like he spotted well and there were no balance problems at all. And his tour jete (jump and turn all in one) was cute. Not at all a ballet dancer’s, but of course that’s not to be expected. It’s fun when non pro-dancers try them 🙂

Viennese Waltz can be a killer if you have any balance problems whatsoever. You can’t spot, for one thing, at least not normally, because your head has to stay with the rest of your body; it all has to flow. That’s the beauty of it. So, you have to spot only with your eyes, by focusing on one object as it whooshes past you, then another, then another, and do it rapidly — quickly change focus and objects just gush by. It’s damn hard. You can’t whip your head around all at once, like in ballet. Marlee said she thought her problems were due to her hearing. Interesting, because I know I have balance problems because of serious eardrum problems I once had. But I didn’t know they would also be a problem for someone who’s completely deaf. Well, regardless, I thought their VW was lovely. Marlee did look stiff — and that odd head-hold Len talked about is typical of someone who’s trying hard not to lose their balance. Her shoulders were tensed up a bit too — probably something only I noticed since it’s something I do a lot — especially when nervous about balance! Well, she definitely overcame. She’s obviously a great actress too, and that helped with this very actable routine.

I thought Mario’s Paso was good — at least step-wise, albeit a bit boring choreo-wise. Ending fun trick though, with Cheryl’s flip over his head. I didn’t like the modern song, regardless of how much Spanish flavor it had. I just like Paso to be traditional Paso; danced to a modern song, the dance just doesn’t make sense. And where are my flamenco taps, anyone, anyone?…

Oooh, sexy VW for Jason and Edyta! I liked it! I liked the close romantic hold that would sexily open up when she swung her head around, I loved that seductive deep dip. They did screw up on a pivot, right? But whatever. It was gorgeous. His lines are a bit weird — especially his hands when he extends an arm out — but I think it’s just because of his size. I noticed this with Marcelo Gomes, my favorite ballet dancer. I used to criticize him for off lines and thought it was some kind of mistake he was making, then saw another dancer make the same exact line with his arm and hand and it looked totally different. So, it’s just plain and simply size.

Cristian is shyly flamboyant. Such a contradiction in terms. I couldn’t help but laugh at his grunts. I like him, but I thought the routine was plastic, if that makes sense? I thought the choreo and costumes were a caricature of PD. It’s not Cristian’s fault though. His footwork and technique were good and he gave it all the dramatic flourishes he was apparently told to.

Shannon and Derek’s VW was gorgeous. That was like a fairytale. I can’t believe how she just became a real dancer after the first week. Lovely arched-back spin. And her lines are beautiful; like a pro dancer’s. She’s really impressing me, especially after the first week.

Yay, Marissa and Tony. I got my little flamenco-y stylistics at the beginning 🙂 And my traditional music! And she had some great moves — great kicks, great ronde en l’air, very swift, very passionate and very clean technique. Oh yes, and beautiful wrist expression at the beginning, Marissa! The judges are being really nice now, which they should be. I still don’t think this one was any different from last week. My only qualm is her costume — that French maid sexpot thing… hmmm. And her arms need some work, she just kind of throws them out a bit too harshly. She needs more control and styling there. But overall excellent dancing, and that’s what matters.

Who do you guys think is going to go this week? I have no idea… Very tricky how they’re not telling us who’s next to bottom each week.


  1. What music did Marisa and Tony dance to?

  2. It HAS to be Adam! I can’t take him for even one more week. I’ve started recording the show and watching it afterwards so I can skip the Adam dance number (though regrettably, I then lose out on Julianne). If it isn’t Adam, then maybe Priscilla?

  3. Color me surprised!

    I think I’m going to write my review like TimeOut New York’s weekly take on the five boroughs of New York City.

    DOWN this week: Mario (craptacular nonexistent closed hold, no power from the core, unconvincing acting.)

    UP this week: Shannon (where the HELL did that come from? Gorgeousness. And I was SO worried about her partner – my neck throbs just from watching the slo-mo replay of him twisting his. Ouch. Two days til my chiropractor.) Also UP: Jayson (helped considerably by Edyta’s jaw-dropping dress. That has to be one of the most perfect outfits I’ve ever seen on this show, and considering her usual state of undress…) Great connection, persuasive leading, good footwork, and GOOD timing (I saw a LOT of flubbed VW timing tonight.)

    No change: Priscilla. Reliably solid performance. Not a knockout, but not a failure. No change: Christian. If he can’t knock it out of the park in Paso, I feel like his days are numbered. No change: Kristi. She’s dancing at a completely different technical level than the rest of the pack, but she’s unable to give the emotional angle the judges are asking for.

    Confused by the reaction: Marlee. I thought they were off time, wildly so, the entire routine.. but that wasn’t mentioned by the judges. I know she can’t hear, but he should be able to lead her to dance on the beat – he has every dance til now, even when in open position.

    Not worth my time: Adam.

  4. Here’s my review:

    Kristi and Mark: Ok, the music sucks but… Good lines, and steps. Wow.. amazing Flamaco steps! A couple of a little things but really really good! Good. Those deserved it

    Priscilla and Louis: Seriously, I’m sorry but she’s so over-hyped. Her footwork doesn’t mirror his… I really don’t understand what the judges want from doing a Viennese…This was a waltz not a Viennese… It was too hard… not soft enough for me. Finally Carrie critizes someone else for a lift! Scores were way to high

    Adam and Jules: I kind of don’t want to watch this…At least he’s lost weight? Jules as always looks amazing! oh boy.. Len’s going to get them for theatrics. His Spanish Lines are horrible. Dude Serious… don’t people learn, Bad Jules, that was a lift… Now if he had been a better dancer, that would have been a better dance! POOR JULES. They should be even lower than that..

    What’s with Judges not given anything lower than a 6?

    Marlee and Fabian: oh my god.. I love the song! Not a Viennese… a waltz… needs to point her toes… it was.. cute… but not a true Viennese Waltz. Way to high in my opinion

    Did anybody notice Burno’s jacket… it was glittered LOL. OH GOD CARRIE ANNE GET OVER YOUR SELF! *eye roll*
    Did you notice Derek kidding around with Mark in the back.. ahh my Almost Amy boys!

    Mario and Karina: I like Karina’s dress but the music doesn’t fit.. and Mario’s Spanish lines aren’t strong enough… Man he sucks…
    LOL “Underpants older than you”

    Jason and Edyta: Yea for Medival Knights I’ve been there! Good! Finally some good Viennese. Uhoh! Mistep! But he recovered well. Weird ending. What! That performance didn’t deserve that! Rather boring and really bad arm positions

    Christian and Cheryl: Cheryl’s a bitch. OH GOD What is Cheryl wearing! That hwas the be the uglist costume I’ve ever seen. Posture sucks! The vocals totally not necessary. It is very possble to create that masculanity without vocalizaing it. However I think they got the best music which isn’t fair. Didn’t deserve nines.

    Shannon and Derek: Yea Jon!!! oh Derek! OH I”m scared for Derek… And the song *cries!! I can’t say anything bad!!!! Oh god I’m crying…

    Marissa and Tony: OH Tony I really hope this doesn’t hurt you… Great music!!! And Bare chested tony doesn’t hurt either!. Skirt is a little too short in my opinion. Good Flamanco steps. Good job! Carrie Anne you should be getting dirty looks!!! WHAT! I don’t under stand. That was good

    I’m not voting for any of the boys… none of them deserved my votes this week

  5. If Adam doesn’t go home, I really may be forced to stop watching until he leaves. The mere sight of him lately is enough to send me into a rage, seriously. If someone goes home tonight other than him, he’s Billy Ray, but rude and crude instead of gracious and kind. I had a hard time watching Billy Ray and he wasn’t a horse’s ass!

  6. I totally agree Sharon! As much as I absolutely love Derek.. I can not stand Adam and I feel so creeped out for Jules that it’s ruining the rest of the show

  7. Someone actually layered on Espana Cani to Kristi’s and Mark’s Paso Doble! Much better.

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