70 degrees outside at omonia

70 degrees outside at omonia

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Such a nice day, after trial i came to astoria queens to shop & snack @ omonia cafe, an old favorite when i lived here.


  1. I’m so jealous! its barely above 40 at my house right now… though saturday is suppose to be 70 but I’m putting any money on it

  2. glad to see nyc is getting warm too! it’s going to be 80 degrees this weekend in SF…

  3. Gotta love this weather! Tonigth I dined in the outer area of a very nice greek restaurant just off DTW after the writing class, it was lovely!

  4. Tonya in case you didn’t hear… they had to take Tony to the hospital Tuesday night… He’s luckily okay and will be back but they were worried he wouldn’t be back.

  5. I know this is off-topic but I wanted to let you know this in case you did not know. Pasha posted on his myspace that he and Anya are going to compete in San Francisco soon..AND they are going to be at the Dance Times Square Showcase on May 19!!!!!!!

  6. Thanks Laurel! Actually, funny, but I ran into an old friend from my old studio, while buying movie tickets of all things, and she told me about the upcoming performance (that she’s in). So, I’ll definitely be there!

    Katrina, Thanks for the info, I really hope he’s okay!

  7. As far as anybodoy’s heard, he is… They were worried he wasn’t going be dancing but it turns out he came out okay.

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