At party & showing for armen danilian

At party & showing for armen danilian

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Danilian photographs dancers with the Kirov Ballet based in St. Petersberg, Russia.

Danilian has just released a new book of his photographs called “Behind the Curtain.” It sells for $50. Some of the photos were on display in the gallery last night. One of my favorites was of the dancer in the top picture (sorry my picture is crappy; I only had my cell phone camera with me because I came from court and cameras are strictly forbidden in the courtroom). Unfortunately, I don’t know this dancer’s name since they didn’t have any captions at the gallery.

Fun event; lots of Russians there 🙂 And, they had a string quartet playing that Ariel noticed had instrument cases marked “Kirov”, and a table loaded with Russian chocolates, breads, and wine. Very nice evening!

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