Oh Louis and Priscilla!

I’ll sure miss Louis Van Amstel, but it’s not like we didn’t know it was coming. For one thing I really really wish they wouldn’t reveal the bottom two each week. I thought they weren’t doing that this season. It ruins the fun and surprise for the audience and it puts so much pressure on the dancers for the entire following week. Stop it, producers! I also think the ‘popularity situation’ with Priscilla was similar to that of Jane Seymour last season: the more mature women, audiences just don’t relate to that well. But I also thought she was one of the least promising left, although she was a classic and I enjoyed Louis’s choreography for her.

Did you guys enjoy Eric Luna and Georgia Ambarian? They compete in the exhibition / cabaret divisions at the big championships. I love watching those; they’re one of my favorite parts of competition … although, oftentimes the routines are too much about the tricks and end up being lift after lift after lift. But here I thought they did a pretty lyrical dance that nicely complemented James Blunt’s lovely song. Oooh, I was last working on a lifty lyrical routine myself when I decided to take my dance hiatus; watching those two makes me want to return…


  1. I was really torn… I love Louis but Priscilla creeps me out

  2. Jane was IMO a much better dancer that Prisilla and much more beautiful. she lasted a couple of weeks longer too.

  3. I’ve seen that cabaret couple many times in person… I just feel the style really suffers in comparison to the regular ballroom styles.

    But OOOO i was so so so happy to see Ozomatli perform! I love that band and what a TREAT to see the pros dancing to upbeat Latin music they could really sink their teeth into.

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