"If You're In the Bottom Two Next Week, I'm Showing My Bum at the Supermarket"

After Len said this of Cristian, Carrie Ann said of Mario and Karina, “that was better than good sex!” — this show is getting out of control… and the other judges are stealing Bruno’s one-liners!

My two thoughts up front: Whoa Cristian! And Kristi was born with clubbed feet???

I thought Jason was excellent at Hip Hop — excellent! I thought wow, he’s really improving. But then when it came to the Cha Cha, it was fine and cute but nowhere near as good as that Hip Hop. It just shows you how hard ballroom dancing is — especially Latin with all that hip action. It’s hard! Jason’s so cute with his self-deprecation. That face he made when Len told him he wanted to see him actually dance more. Then, the “I suck.” Aw!

The Shannon and Derek at the beach so she could ‘get in the mood’ was almost as corny as Cristian and Cheryl’s visit to the sea lion shrink. But I thought Shannon did much better this week. The hips were screwed up during the traditional Latin opening out steps, but she has a ballet body — tall and thin and few curves, and if he gives her more balletic moves — like that gorgeous slow ronde de jambe en l’air in the beginning and that beautiful stretch near the end– she’ll do much better and the lack of hip action won’t be so noticeable.

Poor Marlee! I actually didn’t think the whole thing looked forced, only parts. The worst was the pelvic rolls with him standing behind her. They may not have been connected at the start because she seemed off on the rolls at the beginning, and until she caught up with him, she looked uncomfortable. And that can be a really rather funny (in a bad way) move to look uncomfortable with! But I thought the shoulder shakes were much better — she really seemed at ease with those and really let loose. I thought the basic mambo steps were fine; the hip action wasn’t quite there, but I disagree with the judges that they looked stiff. It is really hard not to be able to connect with the music in this most rhythmic, musical of all ballroom dances. I was hoping she’d be able to connect through other means than simply her partner — maybe floor vibrations she could feel through her feet? Maybe she should have been barefoot? Sorry, I’m just remembering Helen Keller’s telling an audience she could hear their applause through the floor… Anyway, I feel for Marlee and I hope she can re-gain momentum for next week. The judges were too harsh. Fabian was most pleasing though, no?!

“You can just call me Frederico Astaire.” Cristian is so cute. He was wonderful this week. I couldn’t believe it. The water actually helped him this time — the swimming was a good idea on Cheryl’s part. The water slowed those crazy, out of control arms way down. He was, as Bruno said, the perfect dashing gentleman, the way he glided over that floor. His footwork was excellent, not a step out of place, even on those fast intricate grapevines in the beginning, his partnering was perfect, his posture and lines were even good. I do agree with Len — he’d better not be in the bottom tomorrow night!

Wow, I get ridiculously dizzy too; I wish my teacher would have sent me to an aerial spinning class like Tony did Marissa. It looks like they helped. Maybe I’ll look into one. Seriously. Marissa looked really good tonight. She did a couple of lovely arabesques and the ending floor sweep was beautiful.

Kristi was perfect, as always. She really is a pro out there — not even like a pro, but a real pro. Mark is so lucky because he can choreograph the exact same kind of routine he’d do for himself and a professional partner; he doesn’t really need to search for specific strengths to highlight and weaknesses to hide. That was I think the first Jive ever on this show to be danced at full speed, and he gave her some really intricate, complicated footwork. She’s really the best, by far, no competition. But a commenter on one of my Huffington Post pieces said the fact that she was so perfect up front, that she had dance background, ruins it for her. If someone you can connect to because they, like you, are not a star from the get-go, and they can, with practice, be made into a dancer, that makes it possible for you to as well. Kristi is already basically a pro, so it’s not fun to watch her try and struggle the same as the average person would. It’s an interesting perspective on the show.

Mario’s routine was near perfect, but I kind of agree with Len that it was a bit too much about the sex and not enough about the dancing. Before Len made that comment, I had thought, hmmm, very sexy rhumba, but he’s not really doing a whole lot of moving. I don’t think I would have used the same words as Len though — strumpet and gigolo? Eeeh.

The group routine: those were the funniest practice lifts I think I’ve ever seen. I’m surprised Derek didn’t get hurt on that rotating cartwheel. I actually took lessons with Christian Perry, the guy who’s teaching these group dances. He taught at my first studio DanceSport, so it’s always so funny to see him on TV. I think I actually preferred the practice sessions to the actual performance though. All the lifts were the same and it seemed there was more unstylized jumping about than actual dance steps; it was more fun watching them all try to learn.


  1. Here are my thoughts:
    Jason and Edyta:
    – oh boy… Len may rip them for using freestyle
    – his footwork is sadly lacking
    – cool ending
    – Good scores… They reflect the dancing

    Shanon and Derek:
    – Maybe they’ll make out! 🙂
    – ahhh This is going to be interesting
    – Her feet still need work…
    – Needs more hip action
    – But overall it was cute
    – Scores should have been higher

    Yea for Maks and Apolo being back!!!

    Marlee and Fabian:
    – she needs to go home…
    – What’s the point of Henry Winkler being there… that’s really dumb…
    – She needs to go home…
    – not great at all.. Lots of little stumbles
    – I give her major props for trying but that mambo was not good
    – Scores are too high.. need to be lower

    Christain and Cheryl
    – At that pool idea was a good one
    – awesome song!
    – Stupid judges for being ambigeous on which style they want
    – Decent foxtrot
    – I really wonder if Len will go through with it
    – This was a much better dance this week
    – decent scores

    Marissa and Tony:
    – ok, arieal arts isn’t the answer… learning how to spot is..
    – They got screwed on the music…
    – It was good but… not enough hold… maybe..
    – Good for them!

    Kristi and Mark
    – Good kicks and flicks!
    – that freakin’ amazing!
    – good. They deserved that!!!

    Mario and Karina
    – oh… comeon.. Marvin Gaye
    – whops.. there’s a lift!
    – there are some good movements here but there are too many distractions for me.. Karina’s dress, her hair… too many flahy arm movements…
    – did not work for me
    – I agree with Len.. it was too raunchy
    – those scores are too high

    The Group Dance:
    – don’t kill Derek Shannon!
    – I seriously hate this song….
    – it seems the men picked up the routine better than the women…
    – That was interesting

  2. Thanks Katrina! Yeah, I definitely agree about Jason & Edyta and Mario & Karina. She did that same lift with her professional partner too. I think that walk-around lift is really lovely, but she wasn’t supposed to do it here — she probably thought since it was so low to the ground the judges wouldn’t notice it. But, come on, Carrie Ann notices everything… I know, I’m so excited to see Maks! I wonder who’s going to go tonight… I really hope not Cristian; he improved so much.

  3. i thought mario’s scores were waaay too high; it was almost like “Well, let’s try to create some drama and score someone as high as Kristi…”

    Kristi was amazing. The choreography was so much fun!

  4. Frankly, as much as I give major props to Marlee, she needs to go home… she hasn’t improved at all in the last 3 weeks.

  5. Mario’s was one of the best male rumbas on the show so far – fluid, appropriate hip movement, good connection at the core, no floppy arms or too-stiff arms…the choreography, eh, that’s Karina’s cross to bear, and I didn’t find it that raunchy, personally. Karina is sexy and putting her in a dress like that is practically enough, all by itself, for people to start projecting. Personally I find Edyta’s typically underclothed performances (with barely-concealed genitals in a full split at least once every routine, regardless of the dance) far more problematic.

    Plus, her technique is so inferior compared to Karina.

    Kristi – my god, what a jive. I didn’t even need Mark in those glasses – I hardly looked his way once.

  6. I think that Mario, Jason, and Marissa were all scored too high last night. I greatly admire Marlee for what she has accomplished in spite of her handicap but I think it’s pretty certain that she will go tonight.

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