Dostoevsky Ballet, Interview With Pasha, Akram Khan, and Dance Schools for Autistic Kids?

Just a few random things:

Here’s an interview with Pasha Kovalev (thanks to Sharon for the link);

There’s a ballet just opening in London that is inspired by Dostoevsky’s many changing drafts of “The Idiot”, and stars Carlos Acosta, which sounds really interesting (via Maud);

And this looks fascinating!

Also, a friend of mine teaches autistic children and wants to know if there’s a dance school, preferably in Manhattan or Brooklyn that caters to special needs children. Does anyone know of one?


  1. If your friend doesn’t find out in the city, there’s one out here in Warwick that has a special class for autistic kids. It’s a trek I know, but maybe for a Sat outing?

  2. Thanks so much Barbara!

  3. I didn’t read the link you put here cause I still have to write my review, but I saw yesterday Akram Kahn’s bahok and was completely blown away!!! You HAVE to go see it!!!

  4. Hey Tonya, thank you for mentioning my question in your blog, and thank you Barbara for your suggestion. Is Warwick in NY?

  5. There’s a studio called Dancing Dreams that is for (I think) completely able bodied children and children with any type of disability:

  6. Thanks so much you guys, for responding! Yes, Nicole, Warwick is in upper New York / Westchester County area, right Barbara? I know it’s in New York. Nicole, definitely let me know how it works out!

  7. my daughter is 8 and also has autism she has been in ballet classes at a local park district
    for almost 4 years and wants to continue with her ballet career . but guys i dont know where to take my daughter we live in il so any suggestions guys thanks and write back soon .ok thank you.

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