Jose DeCamps and the Top 5!

So, eliminations went as I expected. I don’t really think people declined to vote for her because of last week’s histrionics; I think it was that she was just the least good left. Plus the others all have very likable personalities, each his or her own idiosyncratic strengths and charms. I’m glad Cristian is continuing, but worry about his safety. He’d just better not use that arm too much.

Very glad they changed the lift policy! Most of them were accidents anyway — e.g. Edyta’s yesterday; I think her foot was meant to trace the floor, but Jason straightened his back and got too much speed on the swing and she went too high and it came off the ground. Shows the ridiculousness of the no-lift policy anyway.

Def Leopard was such a trip down memory lane. I remember seeing them in concert, before the drummer lost his arm! And how happy am I that Jose and Joanna performed! I just love Jose; he moves like no one else. I thought the group Paso to the first song didn’t really fit thematically — the song is sexy in a kind of a laid back, stonerish way — the antithesis of dramatic Paso. The Cha Cha was perfect.

I was kind of disappointed with this season’s Dance Center. I guess there was nothing big to rib the dancers over, so they made up (I hope) that segment about Jason farting. I enjoyed the facial expressions — Mark’s and Cristian’s – -something you’d never notice if they didn’t point it out. Well, you wouldn’t have noticed Mark’s anyway… 🙂

So, the top 5 are Marissa, Jason, Kristi, Mario, and Cristian. My vote’s with Jason, despite the (fake please) flatulence.


  1. I LOVED DanceCenter. The “strictly ballroom” makeup touches on the manly sportscasters are just priceless.

    Def Leppard really disappointed- both numbers were pre-recorded *and* lip-synched, and the performances to each were underwhelming. Rock music can be terrific paired with ballroom – remember the pro group dance to Billy Idol, which is one of the highlights of the entire run of the show for me – but this time it didn’t work. The group paso had little content except for the futuristic costumes, and Jose + Joanna were burdened with a ponderous, too-slow, lackluster song pretty much devoid of snap, rhythmic tension, or opportunities for syncopation. I love J+J but they were just going through the motions; they merely repackaged their competition routine (which unlike most viewers, I realize, I’ve seen a million times) and to me, it had very little to do with the music. In the context of that song, it completely lost its character.

    I distracted myself during their routine by watching Joanna’s feet, an experience I welcomed with relief after having watched the footwork of the stars for the past few weeks. She *nails* the foot pressure, inside-edge-of-the-ball-of-the-foot, toe pointing, completely articulated, weight-forward, move-through-your-foot, straight-legged-til-your-hip-is-about-to-dislocate thing every second of every dance she dances. The way she uses her feet and ankles is really the key to her dancing, both in terms of the movement quality and the picture it creates.

    Jose: duh, he’s great too.

    I’m pleasantly surprised Marissa is still in the game, but I’m concerned that Tony hasn’t fixed her Arm Problem. Considering her legs aren’t much to look at (and I say that without malice, trying to be objective…) she should be giving us more beautiful upper-body expression. It does NOT take a lot of work to learn to *extend* your arm prettily, rather than fling it repeatedly in one stiff line out from the shoulder. Like a board. EVERY TIME.

    Fix the arms!!! It’s low-hanging fruit, man!

  2. Mig,

    LOVE your post above! Tonya, great review tonight. Glad I wasn’t the only one that caught Def Leppard pulling a Milli Vanilli…I bet the pro dance was way better than the bits and pieces we got to see. I’m disappointed that they focused on the group so much and they weren’t even performing. I’m kind of sad that Shannon and Derek are gone, but I really wasn’t prepared to lose Marissa, so its the lesser of two evils to me. I was really mad at ABC for not disclosing what Christian’s injury was at the beginning of the show, but it sounds like they hadn’t decided if he could continue or not until right before the last break. Still, I think they should have at least disclosed the ruptured tendon diagnosis at the start of the show instead of holding it till the end. I am very curious about how he will be able to partner her next week; does anyone know what dances they have left to do? Cheryl is going to have to find some mighty clever choreo to get around this one!

  3. Thanks, Sharon! That’s nice of you to say.

    I have to agree about Christian and Cheryl – props to them for getting another week, and YIKES for having to choreograph for his injury.

  4. Thanks, Sharon! That’s nice of you to say.

    I have to agree about Christian and Cheryl – props to them for getting another week, and YIKES for having to choreograph for his injury.

  5. Personally I’m pissed that Cristian is still there. He hasn’t improved over the weeks and it’s annoying. Plus he could ruin his arm by not having surgery right away.

  6. I really think that if for no other reason than concern for his physical well-being, Cristian should have been voted off (but I did anticipate the audience sympathy vote). I’m very sorry that Shannon is gone – it was great fun watching the chemistry between her and Derek. I would much rather have seen Marissa go. In the end, it will probably come down to Kristi and Jason and at this point, my vote is clearly for Kristi.

  7. I think Jose DeCamps is so sexy, he gives me the shivers! Just watching his cute bottom dance all over the floor makes my “h” throb!

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