Cool Stuff I Have to Miss

I’m getting ready to go on a much needed vacation (yay!) but will unfortunately have to miss the following big exciting things:

David Hallberg performing with American Ballet Theater at the Guggenheim’s Works and Process program on May 4th and 5th;

Alvin Ailey II at the Joyce. This is Alvin Ailey’s studio company. I’ve never seen them before but am dying to;

Marcelo (my favorite) guesting with New York City Ballet in Robbins’ “Fancy Free” on May 4th;

The 100th episode of Dancing With the Stars.

If anyone sees any of these, please do let me know how it went so I can experience vicariously… 🙂


  1. have a great time! i’m sure we’ll have plenty to say about DWTS in your absence 🙂

  2. Oh you’ll hear all about DWTS from me! 🙂

  3. I’m so happy for you that you are getting a break! Enjoy your vacation, we’ll be waiting when you get home….

  4. There was a lot to love and some to not love so much on the 100th. I don’t want to spoil for you in case you taped, though…

  5. No, I didn’t tape it Sharon — I figured I’d rely on you guys 🙂
    What happened? I’m dying to know!

  6. Well, if you don’t know by now, Tonya, Mario is history. I thought that Marissa should have gone before Mario but the TV audience obviously felt differently. So now it’s down to Kristi, Cristian, Jason and Marissa. My money is still on Kristi because she is clearly the best dancer in the competition, but since Kelly won in Season 1, men have won every year, so Cristian and Jason still have a good chance. Cheryl Burke has done a fantastic job of choreographing dances that enable Cristian to dance with basically one arm and still look good doing so. The best part of the 100th anniversary show was getting to see the ten best dances, as picked by the judges, of the first five seasons.

  7. Thanks for the update, Bob! I had a great time but it was odd being so out of touch with civilization for 8 days! — no TV, no newspapers, nothing! I guess that’s what vacations are for… I’m sad Mario’s gone, but I would be sadder if it was Jason. Actually,I’m surprised Mario didn’t have more fans who kept him on longer… I’d love it if Kristi won too. I’ll have to search YouTube to see some of those 10 best clips!

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