Yes — My Favorite Three Are in the Finals For Once!

I’m very happy; my favorite three are in the finals, I think for the first time ever. I’m usually disappointed at this point in the show, but not this season! (I know, Katrina, you’re not going to be happy!) I really liked Marissa. Her personality and excitement were contagious and she brought so much fun and spirit to the show. But I do think she was the least technically good at this point and, of all remaining contestants, had improved the least. She seemed like she was halfway expecting it and was completely okay with it, though disappointed of course. I believe her when she promised to show up in the audience next week.

Wow, Brendan and Brittany completely blew me away. That was honestly one of the best Pasos I’ve ever seen. That was technical perfection and just astounding artistry, especially in people so young, as the judges mentioned. They are going to be a force to be reckoned with in the ballroom world.

Also, I loved that little African part in the beginning of Omarian’s Michael Jackson tribute!

Sweet newly ballroom-obsessed Jason, never-give-up cutie Cristian, and dazzlingly spectacular Kristi — I’m so excited for next week!


  1. Sorry but that’s bullcrap. Cristian should have gone home the week he got injured. Marissa deserves to be there.

  2. I agree with Katrina. My real concern is that it is sending a message that it is okay to dance/compete/play when injured. Young people naturally think they are invincible. TV never shows the arthritic, broken athletes past their prime. It is a dangerous message to be sending our youth.

  3. Ok, first off, I agree with Katrina. Second, i was there last night, and Marissa wasn’t putting on an act, nor was Tony. They totally expected it would be them. Its a shame that the camera didn’t catch Christian’s “oh crap, now what are we going to do?” expression that I got to see. There is no way they can compete in the freestyle round with his injury, and I’m left feeling he’s pulling a Marie. Yes, he has improved the rest of his dancing because of the injury, but the man is in obvious pain any time the camera isn’t on him. His face was drawn and haggard, and he looked 20 years older when he wasn’t holding it together for the tv. Wait until you guys see the Usher numbers next week…they pretaped with us last night. Trust me, Tonya, you are going to be SOOOO happy with how it all came together, especially the one they filmed second, with Karina and Kym and Cheryl…I’m really bummed we are at the last week of the show already, but wow have they pulled together something really amazing for us!

  4. I agree with you, Tonya. I think that for the first time in the history of the show, the three best dancers have made it to the finals. Marissa deserves a lot of credit for giving it everything she had but even taking into account Cristian’s injury and the limitations it has placed on him, she is still not as good a dancer as he is. I think at this point it will come down to Kristi and Jason (although with Cheryl Burke as his partner, you can never completely count Cristian out) and I believe that in the end, Kristi will emerge as the winner (although the trophy should really go to those amazing kids – Brendan and Brittany).

  5. sorry tonya, i agree with the ladies here…marissa should not have gone home and cristian should have gone home.

    how can you be in the finals with an arm you can’t use?

    well, i guess now the finals will be slightly easier for kristi & jason i suppose!

  6. In response to Jennifer’s question: yes, the arm injury has become a distraction, but even with one arm, Cristian has “out-danced” Marissa. For all her spunk and personality and the improvement she has demonstrated over the last few weeks, Marissa should, in my mind, definitely have gone home before Shannon and Mario did.

  7. FIrst of all, reality TV is not a medium for ‘messages’ to ‘our youth.’ DanceSport itself, just like gymnastics, competitive figure skating, little girl beauty pageants, and intense pee-wee sports leagues – oh wait, also PARENTS – do a much more thorough job of ‘teaching’ our youth what our society’s values are (individualism and competition, struggle, sacrifice for short-term goals, winning is everything, the branding of personality, etc.)

    Secondly, Marissa kinda sucked in a lot of important ways. Love her, but please.

    Thirdly: I have a great PHEAR of the Edyta/Jason freestyle.

  8. Look at what someone wrote on my HuffPost post about Marissa:

    ouch — harshest condemnation of her yet!

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