"Gotta Dance" at the Tribeca Film Festival

Before I left for the Caribbean, I saw several films at the Tribeca Film Festival, which I still have to blog about. The first was the documentary “Gotta Dance” about the NetSationals, the first ever senior citizen cheerleading dance team, which entertained at halftime during New Jersey Nets’ home games. It was a sweet film. I wrote about it for Explore Dance here. Above are some blurry pics I took in the theater, where, after the film, some of the dancers came up and did a little hip hop performance, then spoke briefly about the movie.

Soon to come on Explore Dance will be my review of the other dance movie I saw, “Whatever Lola Wants,” a narrative that I didn’t like as well.


  1. this is so not related (though old ladies dancing is cute).. but I’m the middle of reading Nureyev and another book I think you might like, “First Love” by Adrienne Sharp. I do have a question for you.. any recommendations on books about George Balanchine?

  2. Thanks Katrina — I’ll look for that book! I read Terry Teachout’s “All in the Dances,” which is very short and concise and just gives you the main details of Balanchine’s life and his most renowned works. I thought it was a perfect introduction to Balanchine. There are other books on him that I haven’t read. I know there’s one by Robert Gottlieb that’s longer. Has anyone else read it, or anything else? Which Nureyev book are you reading? The Kavanagh one?

  3. yah the Kavanagh one

  4. You’re brave — that thing is enormous! Let me know what you think of it, and the Terry Teachout if you read that one too. I’m so happy you like ballet too 😀

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