I’m gonna be a little late in posting on “Dancing With the Stars” tonight since I will have to tape it and wait to watch until after I return from seeing …

perform (along with my fellow amateur friends!) at Dance Times Square‘s biannual professional / student showcase. Always makes me sad I’m not up there with them, but it’s something I look forward to watching every six months anyway. At least it’s a lot less stressful in the audience…

Also, tonight is opening night for my favorite dancers on earth. I can’t be there, obviously, but will be later this week for a crazy Corsaire starring


(hmmm, new headshot for that one; all headshots from ABT website)

Too much going on! Too much!


  1. OMG, you get to see Angel!!!! You are soooooooo lucky! My best friend and I are absolutely in love with him. I hope it is totally awesome, which I’m sure it will be, and I can’t wait to read about it!

  2. Wait, seeing who perform? I can’t tell from the picture, is it super orange Panya? And have fun at ABT

  3. oh how i was wish i was going to be in the audience tomorrow for the opening night of le corsaire…corsaire looks so much more exciting than the opening gala

    btw, i loved angel’s old headshot…it was so boyish and charming. this one is a bit flashier…different look definitely, but i’m not sure if i like it better. it may grow on me though…

  4. I LOVE Angel’s new head shot, very sexy! I’m over the moon that ABT season has started. My first tix are for May 31. Hope to run into you Tonya!

  5. I LOVE Angel’s new head shot, very sexy! I’m over the moon that ABT season has started. All my tix are for Sat matinees except for one Wed matinee (for David’s Giselle debut). Hope to run into you Tonya!

  6. Oops, I went back to change my message and somehow it double posted.

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