Semi Live Blogging DWTS Finale

Grrrr. So mad. Cristian should not have been the first to go; it should have been Jason. Injury or not, Cristian was all-around better, had greater improvement throughout the season, and had a more fun dance persona. Football players have so many fans… As much as I like Jason personality-wise, I feel like there’s no real competition now; Kristi has it hands down.

Am I weird for not having heard of Usher before?

Steve Guttenberg is such a little cutie.

I’m glad Priscilla and Louis did their Tango — that was my favorite dance of theirs.

Shannon was pretty good, but of course she did Standard. Wow, I can’t believe how out of breath she was!

And now that I’m watching Mario and Karina I’m reminded of what some TV commentator whose name I can’t now remember said, “this isn’t a pure dance competition or it would be on PBS; this is in large part a popularity contest.” If it was a pure competition, of course, he’d be in the finals. I still can’t believe he was kicked off so early.

The Rocky music is cracking me up.

Very very very cool of Jason to say, “I hope dancing makes me a better football player.”

Carrie Ann’s right — that was his best performance of the season.

Oh but then he kind of ruins it by saying, “well, I’m still a tough football player,” to all the “oh you’re so elegant” remarks.

Len says to Jason, “Kristi may be the judges’ winner, but you’re the People’s winner.” What does that mean? Who’s it going to be???

I’m honestly really nervous… and I don’t even care who wins.

So, it is Kristi! She breaks the curse!

I did say at the beginning of the season I thought she was the best contestant EVER on the show, so it’s right that she won. Still doesn’t mean I’m in love with Mark Ballas though… maybe he’ll grow on me in coming seasons…

Aw, it’s not on again until September??


  1. I would say you’re FORTUNATE for not having heard of Usher before . . . but that’s just me. 🙂

  2. No, Tonya, you’re not weird for not having heard of Usher before – you just happen to live on a higher cultural plane than most people. Actually, amazingly enough, I have heard of Usher but I had never seen or heard him perform before so I am not far removed from where you stand.

    So justice finally prevailed tonight. Congratulations to the viewing audience for making the right choice! Kristi so deserved the victory! And it’s about time a woman won again. But do we really have to wait now until next September?

  3. I just started watching the past two weeks, and I’m so glad Kristi won! She was really great.
    I don’t know much about ballroom, but I gotta say, Mark Ballas is such a cutie. His glasses were adorable. 🙂

  4. Hey, Usher use to be good! But then this:
    Usher’s pre-taped, edited performance for tonight’s Dancing with the Stars finale may look seamless, but what happened behind the scenes at the singer’s May 13 taping left host Tom Bergeron and company scratching their heads–and scrambling to set up for the live show.

    “First, the 29-year-old singer arrived late, throwing the entire production behind schedule. Then, while appearing to lip-synch two songs “Yeah!” and “Love in This Club” he fell out of step with his choreography, turning the wrong way once and losing his mic a second time. With each mistake he walked offstage.

    The performance then went further off-course when the singer took a long break to get a drink. “He was ridiculous,” a source tells PEOPLE. “Such a diva.”

    Following Usher’s act, the DWTS cast and crew had only 15 minutes to prepare for the live show (rather than the standard 45-minute post-taping buffer.) “The [dancers] were all at their trailers ten minutes before the show was supposed to go live, like, ‘Don’t we have a live show to do?” a source says. “There was a lot of holdup. We almost didn’t [make it].”

    The judges, who were dressed in their finale show formalwear for the pre-show taping, made a quick costume change, while a team of grips frantically wiped away scuff marks on the dance floor left behind by Usher and his dancers.

    And just in the nick of time: the live show went off without a hitch. “It’s never gotten that close before, that was scary,” Bergeron told PEOPLE about the taping frenzy. Joked the good-natured host: “I don’t even know that [judges] Len and Bruno put on pants to come back, they changed outfits so fast!”

    Usher’s rep did not return phone calls, while Dancing’s reps declined to comment.

    The second part of the DWTS finale airs tonight on ABC (9 p.m., EST).

    I love Mark! But then again He and Derek are best Buddies and both amazing dancers (and Singers)

    oh and you should listen to Julianne’s album, it’s decent and from me that’s saying a lot because I can’t stand country 🙂

  5. Ooof. I got so behind watching DWTS while I was studying thatn I have something like 4 taped episodes still sitting on my DVR, the latest I’ve seen was the 10th episode clip show!

    I completely abandoned Step it Up and Dance, since I’m like 5 episodes behind on that, and I refuse to invest 5 hours of my life just to get caught up on a second dance reality show, one is enough.

  6. That is hilarious about Usher, Katrina — thanks for posting that! I know, I am going to have to listen to her CD. Sometimes I can get into country, usually not though 🙂 But I’m definitely willing to listen to hers.

    I had to give up on Step It Up too, Natalia. I was always out on Thursday nights and I thought they were supposed to air it several times per week, but I’d turn on Bravo every chance I could and could never find it airing… I did see several episodes of those Housewives of Orange County though… Thursday and Friday nights are bad nights for shows. I hope your test went well!

  7. Tonya, it’s twangy but they’re fun cute, songs and one of them is her and Derek singing what more can I ask for 🙂
    Seriously Tonya, you should get a livejournal just to join the DWTS group 🙂

  8. Not to fret, SYTYCD starts in a week!

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