Am gonna get no sleep.

Am gonna get no sleep.

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B/c my window faces string of party b&bs. Oh well; guess i didn’t come to sleep. Latin rising star results were disappointing: vaidotas & jurga danced gorgeously but still didn’t make finals. Dmitri & violetta kurakin also from u.s. Won. Does anyone know them?


  1. I am surprised that Vaidas and Jurga did not make the finals. In the states they normally place better than the other three of the US couples that made it to the finals.

    Sounds like they danced well from your post. Should they have been in the finals?

  2. hi Rhiannon — yes, i definitely think they should have placed in the finals. I was REALLY annoyed. I really like them — better than the other couples who made the finals, though Pavlo and Anna are dancing really well lately. I feel like sometimes the judges value speed more than everything else in Latin and large, tall people never seem to do as well in these international competitions. Is that his nickname — Vaidas? I heard a couple of people cheering for them and it sounded like that’s how they pronounced his name. I think they’re a wonderful couple and I was very disappointed in the judges.

  3. I am also disappointed that Vaidas and Jurga did not make the finals.

    I love their dancing and it’s good to hear that they danced well (and that some thought they should have been in the finals!). Thanks for the take on the results, I would have loved to have been there.

    And yes, Vaidas is what most people call him day to day, but he uses his full name (which can be quite a mouthful) when he enters competitions.

  4. p.s. thanks for all your great commentary on all things dance (though I must admit to being most attentive to the ballroom articles), I’ve been following along now for a while!

  5. yes – violetta is my teacher – she’s gonna dominate in the next years @ only 19 she’s got a great future and with her husband dmitry who is a real wizard of inspired dancing and always a student

  6. Thanks Steve! I look forward to seeing more of them in the future.

  7. its amazing that my studio vivo of hacienda heights, california had two rising stars at blackpool this year – dmitry & violetta in pro latin and mikhail adveev & anastasia in pro standard. amazing !!!

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