Best congress lectures yesterday

Best congress lectures yesterday

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Were given by yulia zagoruychenko (left, on ray rose poster w/ riccardo cocchi – who i predict will place 2nd in latin) and bryan watson (right). Yulia gave a great talk on interpreting different rhythms and bryan was just bryan 🙂


  1. Hi…this is random but love your blog! Was in Blackpool, and in the congress and was constantly wondering who you were…as I know you would be there. A fellow Yulia fan never goes far wrong with me!

  2. Hi Eleanor — thanks! I was mostly sitting on the back left-hand side (when you enter the room) but I was really moving around a lot so I could get the best pictures. How did you like the lectures? Did you stay for the whole festival?

  3. Lectures were all amazing – my favourites were also Riccardo and Yulia, and Bryan and Carmen. I was there for the whole festival except from the first Friday night.

  4. Just back to say I’ve been looking through your photo album…embarrassingly you can see me in some of your Sunday congress pics! I’m in the front row…blue dress and white sandals! Usually found taking a photo. I agree with the majority of your captions too…and thought I would add – Chris & Justyna didn’t dance on the Friday because she’s been waiting for an operation or something, but I don’t get why they danced the Team Match in that case! It’s a mystery.

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