New british dance tv show

New british dance tv show

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According to this british dance newspaper there’s a new show soon to premier here where overweight contestants compete for who can become the most fit through ballroom dancing. It’s called “diet on the dance floor.”


  1. that’s cool!

  2. That is cool !

  3. stick your finger down your throat on the dancefloor!

    obsess about your weight on the dancefloor!

    eat bangers and mash all day long on the dancefloor!

    blood on the dancefloor, humiliation on the dancefloor, body fat percentage on the dancefloor!


  4. Yeah, some of the pros from Strictly Come Dancing (Karen Hardy, Matthew Cutler) will be on the show.

  5. That’s so cool, H! I hope we can see some of it here in the States…

  6. Hey guys, do you know which newspaper it was in?

  7. I’m not sure! It was one of the newspapers that they have on the table outside the ballroom. It wasn’t Dance Beat, but the British version. Just a small newspaper devoted to Ballroom.

  8. any idea when it’s coming onto living? i’ve tried looking everywhere but there isn’t actually anywhere that says when. Thanks

  9. im on this show!!! wooo!

  10. Marlon Williams

    lol im on this show too 🙂

  11. jaiden is fit as fooooooooook!!!! cant bleave hes on this show!!! xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

  12. Hey,Its sounds so great!!How do u get on the show??i really wana go on it!

  13. search jaiden micheal on myspace, hes the most sexy reality star ive seen! and matthew cutler is hot 2

    luv anna x.x

  14. The show is supposed to premiere this summer; someone over there has to tell me how it is! I’ve seen Matthew Cutler dance not in person but on old Blackpool videos and he looks excellent. I love tall Latin dancers (since most of them are not) 🙂

  15. jaiden 2 win hes hot! ed’s sexy 2

    show is good and will only get better

  16. hey, i agree jai is sexy, but how fit is marlon please!!

    marlon or jaiden 2 win! xxxxxxx

  17. I have been watching this programme and sadly Jaiden was booted this week but what is the surname of the professional dancer that is teaching is it kimberely. Tony….? He is just so sexy!

  18. is there 2nd series of this? i luvd jaiden,marlon and laura… carlene was a bitch and mark was so boring why did he win?????? xox

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