Blackpool Album's Finished!

I’ve written captions for just about every picture, so if you click on the first one and read the caption, then just keep clicking “next” until you get to the end, you’ll find a little picture essay of the festival.

Wow, I’m tired…


  1. Tonya,

    Thanks so much for sharing those! Do you mind if I download the ones of Val and Val and see if I can get my editing program to make them a little better for you?

  2. Gah, I wish they would let me go back and edit, lol! If you want you can just e-mail them to me, you still have the address, yeah? Any others you want me to try and work with feel free to send as well. Talk to you soon!

  3. amazing! I wanna go so bad!

    Tonya, could I post the one(s) of Anna T on my DWTS group (credit you of course)?

  4. Hi you guys! Yes, definitely download and share! Sharon, do you mean you can’t download them or your program won’t let you edit them? I can email them to you if you think that’s easier. Sorry — I tried to get the best pictures I could of them but Blackpool is such a pain that way: it gets so crowded after the first two rounds of each competition (which they were exempt from), and I didn’t reserve a seat (it’s nearly impossible to get anything other than standing room only unless you’re English and you’ve been going for about the past 25 years — seriously!) so I tried to get them the best I could from the balcony. My camera just doesn’t do well with the zoom and the flash together. But let me know if you can make them better! And Katrina, yes, definitely share the Anna one!

  5. No, I just meant I wished I could go back and edit my comment so I hadn’t had to put two together….lol! I’ll grab the pics in the morning from the desktop where I have my software. My friend Deb has a fan page for Val & Val on myspace, do you mind if she shares them there? Thanks so much for taking time to make us feel like we were there with you!!!!!!

  6. Thanks for posting the Blackpool pictures, I enjoyed the pictures and the commentary!

  7. Thanks you guys — I’m so glad you enjoyed the photos and even felt like you were there 🙂 Yes, Sharon, you can definitely share them — I’m just sorry they’re so far away and dark!

  8. Wanted to leave a comment in reference to this:
    “Brilliantly, Ruud had several dancers perform kinetic versus referential, to show us both styles are valid. It was amazing. One woman danced simultaneously with two men — the first she danced with kinetically — it was all about the movement. The next was referential, so it evoked passion, love, something more than just the movement. But then she’d return to the first and the movement in itself was so fast and furious, so intense, you didn’t mind that it didn’t have any exterior meaning. I think for the first time I understood this. While I have a strong preference for referential dance, movement for movement’s sake can be thrilling as well. ”

    In traditional Indian dance (Bharata Natyam, Kathak, etc.) there has long existed terms for these distinctions. To pull from wikipedia:
    Abhinaya or Natya – dramatic art of story-telling in Bharatanatyam
    Nritta – pure dance movements usually performed as an opening item in Bharatanatyam, reflecting different rhythms of the universe
    Nritya combination of abhinaya and nritta

    Just something I always found fascinating. 🙂

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