Experimental dance angst part 2

Experimental dance angst part 2

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I have just about circled the entire park and can tell you there’s no such place as the labrynth. Is this part of the performance- thoroughly exhausting and confusing the would be goer?


  1. Hi Tonya! Found this online: “When exiting the station walk west along Battery Place, as you reach West Street turn left into the park. You are now walking due south with park benches on your right. Just as the benches end there is a black wrought iron fence with a open gate, this is the entrance to the labyrinth. Walk right in.”

    Does that help?

  2. Not sure if you can view comments on your phone – but if it helps any apparently: The Labyrinth for Contemplation is located in the park at the foot of West Street and is open to the public daily.

  3. I’m on googlemaps right now if you want me to help…emmasuperstar@gmail.com

  4. Thanks Ginger! Unfortunately, I can’t view comments on my phone, but I eventually found them.

  5. I just got your comments, Emma. Thanks so much for the help, you guys! I am definitely getting a Blackberry so I can see comments from my phone!

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