Blackpool Review is Up!

My article on the Blackpool Dance Festival is now up on Explore Dance, as Robert said in a comment on my DCA post! In his comment he also talks a bit about joining DCA, which I intend to do. See his comment here. And see my write-up on Blackpool here.


  1. Wonderful article, Tonya! Thanks for letting me share the link with BDC Social. My friend Deb quoted the part about Val & Val on his fan page on Myspace. Hope that’s okay!

  2. Thanks so much Sharon! I definitely don’t mind if people quote from my writing or use my pictures, just as long as people give my name as the writer / photographer. I’m quite flattered that people want to quote me 🙂

  3. Tonya,

    You write about the subject with such passion, how could we not want to quote you? I’m working on finding you the answer you need for your BDC Social account. I am so glad we’ve become friends online….I really value your friendship.

  4. You made me feel like I was there – hopefully one of these years I will be!

  5. Thanks so much you guys 🙂 Sharon, ditto!

  6. Tonya, thanks for the pics of Damien’s farewell. Ethan and Angel look fantastic in their suits and ties, which I think shows a great deal of respect for the occasion. You know I’m partial to ABT but I’ve always loved Damien and wish him all the best in his future endeavors.

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