My write-up on SYTYCD’s Week 2 elimination round is up on HuffPost. Can’t believe Marquis is gone …


  1. Hello,

    Well, Nigel has been acting strangely all season long esp. with all of his physical demonstrations as of late; however, I can see why Marquis went home. They said time and time again last season that dancers need to stop doing all those tricks, but by the time dancers stopped, like Neil, the judging for the top 10 was already in the audience’s hands. They [former audience] didn’t care. This early on in season 4, the judges made their point clearly that day, which is why Nigel went on beforehand to say that you can still go on to be a brilliant dancer even if you get cut. Marquis was excellent; however, the new rule, henceforth, is that tricks should not constitute one’s entire routine. Marquis’ routine was indeed mainly tricks since he doesn’t need them to dance beautifully. Of course, like previous audiences, I didn’t care since I liked him. We, also, already know what Nigel thinks of Chris; he doesn’t like him too much. Things will get better when the judges no longer have as much authority aside from picking all of the Top 20 and widdling them down to the Top 10. If Chris lands in that bottow 3 again next week, I don’t think he’ll be as lucky again.

    Did anyone notice that the worst 3 couples according to the judges also landed in the bottom 3? Talk about being able to sway America’s opinion. Now that is power since it seems like half the viewers already hate Jessica aka Will’s partner. That they weren’t in the bottom 3 after the judges saying last week how great Will was and that he didn’t deserve to be in the bottow 3. I am, also, of the opinion that the judges should not state this early in the game who they think should make it to the Top 4 only because it is showing favoritism since they know the audience tends to vote their way most of the time. The bottom line is that I still enjoy the show each week no matter what crazy antics happen or how bad some of the routines are.

  2. Hi Chimene! Yes, I definitely did notice that the public seems to be going along with the judges, which I find a bit curious. I was reading something on Huffington Post where a writer was criticizing the results of some of these shows. He had a crazy math equation that I didn’t quite get (math has never been my strong point :S) but in general, I guess we’ll never know, but you do have to wonder…

  3. I’m sad Marquis is gone too!!!! His ‘tricks’ enhanced the dance. It was fresh and really really good. What a stupid reason to kick someone off. Chris is still a tree.

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