SYTYCD, Christopher Caines and NYCB

More reviews up: here is my SYTYCD piece on HuffPost, and here is my review of the Christopher Caines Dance Company performance I saw recently at the Rose Hall in Jazz at Lincoln Center. Many people were lukewarm about it, and most hated the venue (see here, here, here, and here), but I thought the ballet was really quite charming and the venue was nice and intimate and made me see ballet in a new way. The whole thing REALLY made me want to take up dance again myself, especially the last waltzy section…

Also went to NYCB last night for their Dancers’ Choice Program (a variety of excerpts from favorite ballets all selected by the dancers, and including a little video footage), which was excellent. Sat next to Mr. Artiste 🙂 And LOVED Flit of Fury — the Monarch, the new ballet by NYCB dancers Adam Hendrickson and Aaron Severini. One of the best new ballets I’ve seen in a while. Review coming soon!

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