My Friend The Beauty Queen!

I was sitting in front of my air conditioner engrossed in an essay by Edwin Denby called “Dancers, Buildings, and People in the Streets” — I know, brilliant Saturday night — when my cell phone did the little chirp it does when I have a text message. I wondered who could be calling at midnight. Thinking it may be an emergency I jumped up and ran to my dresser to see it was my friend, Parker Sanchez, telling me she was just crowned Mrs. New Jersey!!! I’m so excited! I’ve never known a real beauty queen before! Go Parker! I think she’s now going to go on to Mrs. America or Mrs. USA. Yay 😀


  1. Haha, Tonya – thanks! Mrs. America at the end of August!

  2. hi parker! i am norieta national sponsor for mrs america! i just moved to florida from allamuchy new jersey i was mrs newjersey united nations, globe, and east coast! i would love to help you with wardrobe i am so excited for someone from hacketstown to win!!! email or call 561 748 0061 you can see me on the mrs america webist too under sponsors my crowningcloset!

  3. Thanks Norieta! I’ll pass on the information to Parker.

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