A Bollywood routine this week?! In addition to Alvin Ailey! This show is rockin!

Fuller review coming up on HuffPost, but that was so cool! No one better to do it than Katee and Joshua! I’ve seen only one Bollywood dance before and it wasn’t performed by professional dancers (was on a cruise ship and performed by Indian waiters — the final show was devoted to celebrating the cultures of each nationality on staff) and this was way the hell better! I’m so glad they did that. The highlight of the show, imo.

And highlight 2: Pasha and Anya’s choreographic debut of course. What a crazy fun cha cha! When he said “nice” with his voice inflecting and drawn out at the end like that, the subtext indicating he really means ‘okay, good start, you finally got the idea, but now you have to work like hell to get it right,’ I felt homesick :S

Can’t wait for AA tomorrow night. I think they’re gonna do my absolute favorite, “Sinner Man”… — three men, performing a section from Revelations? — what else could it be???


  1. OMG! Me too!!! My absolute favorite Revelations section is “Sinner Man”. My love was sparked during high school when I was selected to do the all-female version. I was the “jumper” man. Oh the chills I get the moment that haunting, Old-negro-gospelly voice crones out “o sinner man, where are you going to run to?”…

    Next time you plan to attend a show AA or otherwise) and would like the company of another dance enthusiast who occasionally can’t contain her oohs and ahhs, let me know. I’d love to join you. (dang, that sounded like a craig’s list personal ad).

    Can’t wait til tomorrow!

  2. I thought the Bollywood routine was really fun, and I’ve been watching Bollywood movies ever since I was born! I have to admit it wasn’t the most difficult Bollywood routine, nor the most original, but they danced it well and it was highly entertaining. I hope to see a lot more Bollywood numbers!

    Also, yay for Pasha and Anya being back! I knew it was only a matter of time before they would be choreographing a number, and it was awesome!

  3. Ching, that’s awesome that you got to dance the jumping part in Sinner Man! You must be an excellent jumper; that part is hard! But it’s my favorite. I’m glad Clifton danced it tonight. They chose well 🙂 I’m so excited they were on the show. I’m psyched they got a standing ovation.

    Salmeen, thanks for commenting — I was hoping you would since you definitely know more than I do about Bollywood. I figured it wasn’t completely authentic or challenging, but they still looked like they gave it a good try and did well with movements that were new to them. Joshua really amazes me — he looks authentic doing practically anything.

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