Go See Carolyn Dorfman Dance Co. at DTW!

(photo by Tom Caravaglia, from DTW website)

I don’t have much time to write, but just quickly want to say, if you’re in New York go see Carolyn Dorfman Dance Company‘s The Legacy Project: Echoes tomorrow, Thursday, night at Dance Theater Workshop, in Chelsea! It was only on for two nights and tonight was opening night, so tomorrow’s it, unfortunately, but this is one of the best performances I think I’ve ever seen at DTW. It’s a perfect blend of modern dance, singing (by the mesmerizing Bente Kahan, to a live band), and acting, with spoken word. It deals with the Eastern European Jewish experience, exploring immigration, history, culture, there’s an emotional and stylistic range, a real structure and movement to the piece, which runs about 1 1/2 hours. It’s by turns moving, thoughtful, funny, cutely sexy, haunting, tragic. If you’re in NY, do try to go; it’s well worth the $25!

Thanks to Philip for one again bringing me to something I ended up really enjoying.

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