What Happened to Jessica?

I went to a dance performance with Philip tonight (more on that in a minute) and taped So You Think You Can Dance. My VCR timing system must have slightly malfunctioned because I set it for 7:55 p.m. and my tape started about halfway through Courtney and Joshua’s first routine. Did they mention why they’re substituting Comfort for Jessica? Did Jessica get hurt? Did they just change their minds about the top 10? I’m confused!

Pas de deux? As in Ballet?

Eeeee, Desmond Richardson!

Nigel likens D.R. appearing on the show to Nureyev’s tap dancing on The Muppets saying, “You share your love of the art of dance wherever you can.” So true, Nigel. So true. So true!


  1. Apparently Jessica had been dancing injured, and on the weekend the doctors refused to let her continue; she has some broken ribs, and got pneumonia.
    There was much chatter in the spoiler threads, so if you want more details, you can check out TWoP or BSYTYCD but on the show they just had her come out and announce it herself, which she did with a smile. She is supposed to be on the tour when she heals. Comfort was tapped to replace her.

  2. Pas de deux as in Complexions, Desmond Richardson, but you’ll have seen that now. I can’t wait to hear what you think!

  3. Thanks Joanna! I’m just watching Desmond Richardson now and am dying! Nigel’s little tribute — so sweet…

  4. How did Jessica get hurt? Poor girl….and I really wanted to see how she would perform with a different partner.

  5. Jessica’s been hurt for about 3 weeks. I think Jessica got hurt when Will dropped her when they had disco. Will looks big, but I don’t think he’s strong. Good thing Katee is tiny.

  6. Hahah, your post was like reading everything I was thinking when I watched the show! We should have a finale party hahaha. I love Desmond Richardson, I saw Complexions live when they came to Mobile once, and they put on such a fantastic show. Dione even got to go on stage and give flowers out to the dancers!

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