"I Wanna Be a Dog in My Next Life. So Well Taken Care Of."

Said the jumpy 20-something black man in front of my local bodega, where he usually asks passersby for money, to a 50-something white woman walking her shiny black Field Spaniel. He followed them for about a quarter block, though I’ve always known him to be harmless — it was more like he was following the thought. He stopped when she turned around, not looking him head on but making clear she was aware of him.

Has anyone noticed there seem to be more people on the streets lately? The other day, I also saw a man new to my neighborhood, who looked to be East Indian in his 40s or early 50s politely approaching people and, without speaking, holding up a sign saying he needed money or a place to stay.


  1. woah… after what happened to me last year, I’d be so paranoid to live in your neighborhood!

  2. What happened, Katrina?

  3. some girl stole my debit card, took money from me (close to $2200), then I had to fighter her (I got her kicked out of Washington State University) and Washington Mutual for it and then on top of all that, someone (most likely her or her boyfriend) left a message on my answering machine that sounds like gunfire.

  4. That’s awful! I hope it’s all worked out now and they haven’t called again!

  5. Nope, no other calls or anything else. Yah I had to fight WaMu more than once for my money that I will now never bank with them again and She did finally get convicted of two felony theft counts (down from 7, long story about that) and served 60 days in jail plus 240 hours of community service. So part of the justice for me is that she has to report that on every job application for the next seven years.

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