Keigwin & Co. and Battleworks at the Joyce This Week

(photo of Keigwin and Company, by Tom Caravaglia)

With all kinds of deadlines looming, I have very little time to blog, but briefly want to point to two shows this week at the Joyce in Chelsea. I saw Larry Keigwin‘s Elements last night. Fuller review is forthcoming but for now I’ll say I always find Keigwin’s work to be quirky, humorous (at times light, at times a bit twisted), very original, fun, at times silly on the surface but carrying an inner depth, and ultimately humanistic. It’s definitely worth seeing his unique take on water, fire, earth, and air — I particularly liked the first and last evocations the best. It’s showing Wednesday and Friday, while Robert Battle’s company, Battleworks, shows on alternating nights (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday).

I haven’t yet seen Battleworks but have loved Battle’s choreography for Alvin Ailey, the short Unfold and the third section of Love Stories so am looking forward to it.


  1. ohhh not related but I don’t know if you heard yet… Jonathan R. won’t be on DWTS this season 🙁 but he will be competing! LOL I can’t decide whether I’m happy he’s competing or sad that I won’t see him every week on DWTS

  2. Hi Katrina — oh, I hadn’t heard that… I’d think it would be very hard to compete and do the show at the same time; I don’t know how Anna Trebunskaya does it. I wonder who’s taking his place?

  3. I don’t know… haven’t heard anything more; maybe Alec will be back?

    I think Anna’s crazy LOL I think after Steve got eliminated it was probably easier but while he was still there? holy cow.

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