SYTYCD Gets Better Each Flipping Week!

Damn, this show is crazy amazing! Every single dance tonight I thought was some of the best choreography for that particular style I’ve ever seen. How much does that Aussie guy, Jason Gilkinson, rock! No wonder the show’s so popular down there. Best Paso I’ve ever seen on this show, and his Viennese Waltz was gorgeous too. And for once I loved Tyce Diorio. Gorgeous contemporary piece. I love Adam Shankman as a judge; he says basically everything I feel, calling Tyce, Katee and Joshua the holy trinity of SYTYCD!The man’s enthusiasm is just contagious. And Tony and Melanie’s Mambo was sexy fun, although Twitch’s performance in that was just about the only thing not completely perfect on the show. His nerves and confusion over the counts showed. And Sonya and Mark are on the same wavelength; how fun to see her create on him… I loved everything about tonight; honestly don’t want a single one of them to go home, but I especially don’t want Mark going and I’m afraid the man leaving may be him. Please not Mark, please not Mark…


  1. Ok, for those of you that have seen the movie Strictly Ballroom, Sonya played Tina Sparkle! I had a hard time wrapping my brain around that being the same person….

  2. I’ve seen “Strcitly Ballroom” several times and now that you mention it, Sonya looks familiar. Based on that over the top but ridiculously good film, her mohawk no longer seems strange.

    I’m gonna piss off Mark fans, but I am not a fan of his. I like his quirkiness as a personality trait just not on the dance floor repeatedly.

    For the finale, I’d like to see Katee, Chelsie, and Josh. I’m indifferent to either Twitch or Mark. I like Courtney’s personality better than Chelsie, but Chelsie, I feel, is the stronger dancer. In any event, I never voted this season since I have no TV and don’t care all that much about who wins. What if both Katee and Josh get voted off tonight? Wouldn’t that be an upset?

  3. Sharon, that’s hilarious! Thanks for telling me; I’m definitely going to have to watch it again now! Yeah, Chimene, I agree with your top 3 — I’d like to see them in the finals too. I prefer Mark over Twitch, even though I love Twitch’s personality. I just think Mark is better in a wider variety of styles. I can’t imagine either Katee or Josh are going to go tonight — I’d be shocked if they did. But then again I was shocked last week…

  4. Tina Sparkle! OMG! I must see the movie again.

    Katee and Josh have never been in the bottom, never. I can’t imagine that they will be voted off after their spectacular routines last night. And Josh’s solo was the first one where he busted out of the popping and reminded us of what else he can do on his own. I think Twitch is great in his solos, but he has struggled all season in styles outside his comfort zone, so even though I love him, I don’t think he has earned the spot, whereas Mark has arguably had only one bad week. I think his genderbending vibe puts some people off, but thats exactly what I love about him. Courtney has overtaken Chelsie, I think, in many viewers eyes, so we will see. I loved watching all of them last night, and I’m glad they brought in the new choreographers.

  5. Um, Sonia Kruger (a ballroomer) is an entirely different person from Sonya Tahey, the SYTYCD contemporary choreographer. Maybe I misunderstood who Tinkcrzy1972 was referring to.

  6. No, it was me who misunderstood the article I read. My bad!

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