I won’t spoil it for people on the west coast, but I’m so immensely over-the-top ecstatically thrilled for that one 😀

Update: My HuffPost piece on the finale is now up.


  1. I think it was good. Its not like Twitch is going to hurt for work, the boy is just too charismatic to not turn up all over the place! I thought that tonight’s show made up for last night being rather meh…..

  2. After all the fussing, I’m so glad Josh won. His audition was a clue that he had something special, and to watch all the ways that he was challenged, and met that challenge, was absolutely wonderful. It’s bittersweet that Katee’s elimination was announced before Twitch’s, but I like the idea of a second place cash prize.
    Oh, and Mark.

  3. Hey Tonya!

    Great piece – I saw the Misnomer mention – thanks for that! Wanted to let you know we relaunched our site – I remember you mentioning some time ago that we didn’t feature our dancers prominently and actually took that into account when redesigning the site – take a look:


    many months later, we’re now featuring full bios, and are in the process of adding pictures so you’ll know who’s who in our upcoming season!

  4. Hi Jaki — thanks for letting me know. The site looks great!

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