Boarding and De-boarding outside

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are becoming so common these days! I remember giggling at my mom’s old photos and home movies from the 60s of family members walking up the wobbly narrow airplane steps, grabbing the hand rail for dear life to steady themselves for turning and waving to my mom, sometimes even with an infant in one arm, and thinking, wow how much more civilized we’ve become with the little inside hallways that make it seem like you’re not even leaving the airport. And now I’ve done just as my “ancestors” several times in the past couple years, even including international flights…


  1. Or in some cases they never stopped boarding/deboarding outside. Until Ontario, CA had a new airpot built some years back, that was the only way to get on the plane at that airport. As a kid, I used to think it was much cooler than the terminal boarding.

  2. Rob I remember that! the airport in Oontario is the closest one for my aunt and uncle in cali (closer than LAX)

  3. That’s really interesting you guys. I’m not used to it, but I’m liking it better than terminal boarding too, Rob. You feel like you’re actually getting on a plane to go somewhere.

  4. Yeah. There is that. Otherwise you don’t get the “I’m not in Kansas anymore” feeling til after leaving the terminal. Another weird thing is to leave via the back of the plane. That’s very different as well.

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