DWTS Season Premiere

What did you guys think? I actually haven’t finished watching it yet! I got home from North Carolina late in the afternoon then had to go to a dance /fashion event at the Guggenheim (which I’ll write about later today), and arrived a bit early for the unveiling of the building’s restored facade. When I got home I was too tired to watch all of DWTS and only watched the tail end and about the first quarter of the tape. I loved the last guy on though (Warren Sapp?), and I also liked Maurice Greene, and Toni Braxton, and thought Rocco DiSpirito was a little cutie with an adorable personality. And who doesn’t love a man who can cook 🙂 I love his attempted bribe… I haven’t yet seen Cloris! How did she do??!! Will write more when I’ve seen it all.

Update: Okay, now that I’ve seen the whole thing, I want to add Lance Bass to my list of favorites. I thought Kim did better than expected, judging from the practice clips. Latin will probably be the real test for her though, balance-wise and all. I thought Cloris did well (particularly with the turns and pivots), particularly taking into account her age (which is part of what makes this show so different from SYTYCD, and so much harder to judge). And I agree with you guys (see comments) that she went a bit too far after dancing, though I can’t help but still love her! Len was so good-humored about it though — I sometimes just want to squeeze him he’s so cute 🙂 And so sweet of him to say, “Everyone who comes on this show is a winner,” after the comedian danced. I think he’s going to be the first to go tonight…


  1. Cloris danced unmemorably, but her antics after the fact….it wasn’t good. I heard they actually had to turn off her microphone, and she was putting body parts on the judges table…I feel just awful for Corky. No one deserves that!

  2. Clois needs to go home now. She and Jeffery were horrible.
    They did turn off her mike because she was swearing. I agree with the above comment. I felt so bad for Corky. He’s such an amazing dancer.

    You can read my review on my blog… I really really hope people vote smart and keep both Brooke (paired with Derek) and Toni around. They were amazing. Lacey… I expected more from her. She and Lance broke the rules (a lift even though the judges didn’t call them out on it) and she was way to crazy in terms of movement (too much hiphop) etc.

  3. Oh I have to watch Brooke again. There seem to be so many this time and I’m getting people confused!

  4. I haven’t watched the whole thing yet so I haven’t read your whole post. However, I did notice that Julianne’s dancing looks worse than previous seasons. I noticed the same thing about Karina’s dancing last season and I was really bummed out about it. Any thoughts on the changing quality of the pro dancers?

  5. Hi Samba Shimmer, I haven’t really noticed that those two have been getting worse. But, I also haven’t really been watching the pros as closely as I have the contestants. If they are worse, it could be because of their partners. Katrina was so good with Mario Lopez because he was so good; she could kind of let loose and not worry about him keeping up with her so much. And same with Julianne — Helio was so much better than Adam Carolla last season. Again this season, neither of them has as great an amateur partner as they had in their first season on the show — though Rocco and Cody certainly aren’t bad! It could also be that they may be out of practice with any pro partners they might have. I don’t know what either of them are doing regarding professional competitions, or whether they even currently have professional partners, but if you just stop competing and practicing with another professional, that could definitely get you out of practice!

    Anyway, thanks for commenting!

  6. i can’t believe i had to watch/listen to the jonas brothers. ugh.

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