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Hehehe, I already “tweeted” Sharon, who runs the BDC discussion of the show that I was kidding about the little remark at the beginning of my Cloris Leachman assessment. I’d gone to bed Wednesday night, only to have my cell phone start beeping off the hook with angry tweets from West Coast BDCers annoyed about McGinley getting the boot over Leachman. Very 21st Century 🙂

Anyway, happy Friday everyone!


  1. I’m so pissed that she didn’t go home. She’s vulgar and needs to leave. Corky deserves so much better.

  2. I love twitter so much! I’ve heard that Tony and Susan have the rumba next week, and I heard that Corky and Cloris do as well, but I’m not sure how much I can trust the information I’ve found. The list I found online has Tony and Susan doing the paso, but Tony confirmed via an audio blog for us that he has the rumba. Anyone seen an accurate list?

  3. I don’t think she’ll be around long, but to me, she’s fun while it lasts. She adds a bit of unpredictability to the show….I admit its too over the top sometimes, but if I’m dancing at 83, I want to do whatever the heck I want, too. She knows she isn’t really going to win, but she’s going to make it memorable.

    Love Tony…I wish he would get a really competitive partner soon

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