Food & Dance & Rocco & Karina

Here’s a little thing I wrote for HuffPo on this week’s DWTS. It’s not really what I wrote here though, a run-down of the show, but is more focused on how food and dance just don’t go together, sadly…

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  1. While I agree that rich food and dancing don’t go together, I’m saddened that people will think that all you can eat while dancing is salad. It’s just not true… You just need to know about what types of food are food for you. Things such as Pasta that aren’t heavily drowned in sauce, baked chicken, and fish varieties such as halibut (depending no the sauce), salmon (again dependent upon sauce), and orange ruffe.

    I’m annoyed at ABC… Had Misty May danced I think last nights results would have been different… I really think Clois would have had the lowest votes and honestly if she doesn’t go home next week I”m going to start to believe what Maks said about a rumor about the producers keeping her besides the votes.

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