I Knew It…

I can’t really comment on the results since I haven’t yet watched the whole show from last night. But, oh, I’m sad.

Show tonight was fun. I’m glad I got to see Los Vivancos. I’d planned to see them at an outdoor festival downtown over the summer but something came up and I couldn’t make it, so cool I got to see them on TV instead.

Brooke Burqa … hmmm, how do I feel about that play on words, Tom Bergeron…

I LOVE the presidential campaign-style adverts though. Very clever. My favorites were Warren’s wearing a fat suit and hasn’t Toni had enough success.

Fun they’re going to have other dance styles on next week, although we’ve seen some of them — Hustle and Salsa at least — in final competitions.

Oh come on, I want to see more of those hip lessons, Bruno…


  1. I’m pissed.. Again I really think there’s a conspiracy just to get ratings.

    I really liked the Flamencos though there was a person who said the dancing wasn’t good…

    While i like seeing other dances… I think it’s better to use them in the group routine or freestyle… These dances aren’t even part of “normal” dance competitions….If they give Lacey West Coast Swing I’m going to so pissed.

  2. Have you heard the news yet? They gave West Coast Swing to Lacey and Lance. *grumbles* Seriously how unfair s that?

  3. Oh — well, at least Lance should be good at that. I can really see him doing well at WCS; it seems like his type of rhythm and mood. And I like Lance 🙂

    Yeah, I don’t know how I feel yet about the other dances being included. They are definitely more social dances, and are danced at some of those smaller kinds of competitions here in the U.S., but they’re not international. What I like about the international dances (and why I like to see them focused on on the TV shows, so that people will learn them) is that you can go to any of these big competitions anywhere in the world and, even if you can’t speak the same language as others, you all know the same dance steps. You can all communicate that way. It’s like another language. So, I’m open to change but I definitely want the international-style to remain the focus!

  4. Actually there are WCS international competitions. LOL Granted they’re smaller competitions compared to most ballroom ones but they happen, mostly on the west coast LOL. The only problem with WCS is that there are several different styles… the style I originally learned is somewhat different then the style Benji and Lacey do (hence the reason when I took a class taught by Benji, it was weird LOL) so it should be interesting. WCS was one dance that hard for me to learn.. I’m still learning since around where I am, they don’t play it much (more East Coast and Lindy Hop). The counting is somewhat funky and it’s a different form then the other swing dances….

    I personally hoping they’d add Balboa instead of the hustle… That would be fun 🙂

  5. Tony and Susan have the hustle….

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