San Francisco Ballet a Must See!

I’m going to write more, but just wanted to tell people in New York, if you haven’t already, you should really try to see San Francisco Ballet before they leave town tomorrow. They’re at City Center, with three performances left: tonight (Friday), and tomorrow (Saturday) matinee and evening. Go here for tix, and here to find out more about the company.

I went last night and really fell in love with the company my first time seeing them — which very rarely happens with me (I have to get used to a company, “get to know” their dancers through several viewings).

(all headshots by David Allen)

In particular my favorites were Taras Domitro (above, from Cuba — methinks Cuba is producing the world’s greatest dancers these days 😀 ),

Lorena Feijoo (also from Cuba; dancing photo by Erik Tomasson),

Yuan Yuan Tan from Shanghai — I think she’s a favorite of many! (all dance photos Erik Tomasson),

Pascal Molat from France (this one stole a lot of women’s hearts — giggles abounded in the ladies room after his high-jumping, corkscrew-turning performance in Concerto Grosso),

Davit Karapetyan from Armenia, who had really beautiful form, and great charisma (my eye was always drawn to him whenever he was onstage),

and Russian Ivan Popov, who had beautiful watery fluidity in the last piece of the night, Balanchine’s classic The Four Temperaments, which I hadn’t seen before. This is the only major Balanchine work I hadn’t yet seen — for some reason New York City Ballet hasn’t performed it for a while — and I’m very thankful for SFBallet for giving me this chance.

Everyone really had splendid form, the whole company worked together so well, with such ease, they are such a world-class company, just like my beloved ABT (who takes City Center next, beginning next week) — you can tell a company’s level of prestige by the names on its roster; how many of these are foreign? If Mr. Nobel guy calls us insular because we don’t import a lot of foreign literature, the same certainly can’t be said of our dance arts, right — either in terms of dancers or choreographers...

Anyway, SFBallet is the oldest American ballet company, and are celebrating their 75th anniversary this year, which means, if you can’t see them here, they have more tour to go (next, Orange County, CA, then Washington DC). Try not to miss them!


  1. I’m kind of amused that SFB is the oldest ballet company when it’s out west. I love Davit Karapetyan’s dancing shot but his head shot is kind of funky looking 🙂 I don’t know what about it is… I really wish I lived closer to cultural centers *sigh*

  2. Haha, it is kind of funny-looking; his eyes are a little too closed — like seductive bedroom eyes 😉 I saw Karapetyan perform again today and he is such a romantic leading man, so dreamy!

    You’re going to have to move to NY someday, Katrina! I know, that’s the problem with dance — it’s largely only accessible to people who live in the big cities where the companies are either based or tour to frequently. The guy who runs the Met Opera (Peter Gelb) has been showcasing that company’s operas in select movie theaters around the country. I haven’t been to one yet, but I wonder how they are. I think it’s been increasing the fan base for opera. I wish the dance companies would do the same with ballet so everyone would get to see all my favorite people. Either that, or have them appear more frequently on the TV shows… Anyway, thanks so much for reading my blog, Katrina — even the posts about the dance performances specific to NY 🙂

  3. If you can get me a job that’d be great LOL The job market is soo tough right now if you only have a Bachelors, and especially in my degree. I want to go to graduate school but, I need some time off…

    Though I don’t know if I could live in NYC… I want to visit most definitely but that many people… it’s a lot…

    Hey you keep me informed about the dance world! I mean there is cultural stuff around here, I mean WSU (Washington State University) does pull in stuff for performances and there is Spokane but granted it’s an 80 mile drive (Which by the way, we’re making today to go to see Phantom of the Opera :)). So if I lived closer to Seattle or Portland it’d be a different issue 😉

  4. “like seductive bedroom eyes” HAHA That’s too funny! He is a beautiful dancer but I think he got injured during the New Works Festival b/c I didn’t see him dance at all then.

    Yuan Yuan Tan is a lot of people’s favorites, but what’s interesting is that she’s actually not absolutely the best in everything! It’s shocking I know, haha, because it seems like she’d be absolute perfection in simply EVERYTHING, especially for me since I’m such a big fan of hers. It seems like here in SF, it’s blasphemous even to criticize her at all, people love her THAT much. She is beautiful but for instance, did not come across as a peasant at ALL in Giselle (although the second act of Giselle TOTALLY made up for it). A lot of people didn’t like her Diamonds, and I didn’t think she was the best lead for “Sylvia” that Mark Morris choreographed (he choreographed the lead on her, Elizabeth Miner, and corps member Megan Low who left since then).

    Pascal Molat’s one of my top two favorite lead men – although I’m afraid he’s sharing too much of the spotlight with the other spectacular male dancers since he didn’t dance Albrecht last year (BOOOO) and I didn’t see him nearly as much as I’d like. Maybe SFB just need to put on more performances, so we can see more dancers dance. 🙂 I’m sure it’s not helping with the addition of two more lead men!! Although I’m not complaining – I can’t wait to see them.

    I went to the War Memorial Opera House today to watch the SF Opera, and it was a bit nostalgic being there without seeing the SF Ballet. 🙂 I can’t wait until they dance here again!! I am going to catch them on tour in Orange County – YAY.

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