Danny Tidwell a No Go Tonight

I’m really sorry you guys, but I just got another press release from the Chase Brock people this morning. When it didn’t list Danny, I emailed them right away. They told me that unfortunately he won’t be performing tonight at the benefit. Neil Haskell’s name was not listed either. I know some people bought tickets specifically to see Danny and I’m really sorry — as of last Friday he was scheduled to dance according to the press release. I’m not sure what happened. Edwaard Liang is still performing. I’m sure the show will still be good…

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  1. I almost made a trip to NYC to this event as I was excited that Danny was performing, but could not do so due to budget concerns. I am so disappointed for the Danny fans who purchased tickets primarily to see him, but I agree that there are other performers who will make the show worth it.

    On another note, love your blog Tonya!

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